April 8, 2019

Photo Shoot at Pechanga Resort & Casino

There’s rarely a shoot that doesn’t present a challenge, and my day at Pechanga Resort & Casino was no different. Giroux Glass provided the exterior glass for the new additions to the property – for which the scopes included the atrium and the tower hotel. The first vantage was taken from the parking garage, during sunset. The biggest problem was that at that moment, the sun was setting behind the building, causing a silhouette. Luckily the cloud cover provided me with a natural yet dramatic softbox to shoot into. I also had a chat with Security due to someone reporting [...]
April 5, 2019

CSULA BioSpace

We are proud to announce that Giroux Glass has completed yet another beautiful project: the new BioSpace building at Cal State University, in Los Angeles. The recently-finished project incorporates some beautiful design work that truly mirrors the likely future accomplishments to take place within its walls.  This venue will, among other activities, house a training program to prepare emerging entrepreneurs to launch their own job-creating,  bioscience ventures.  How better to motivate creative minds than by enveloping them in open spaces awash with light? Giroux Glass’  project manager Dave Brewster, and the CAD department worked closely together to meet the high [...]
March 26, 2019

Contract Negotiations: The Art of Paving a Safe Road to Growth

Building a successful company and building a road have a lot in common Building a company is very similar to building a road. It is a process. And as companies grow, it is easy to lose sight of the maintenance that must be done to keep it safe for high-speed travel. Here at Giroux Glass, our Contracts Manager, Ilse Baeck, has been the gate keeper and road maintenance specialist. She not only prepares the company to handle the accelerated growth that is coming our way, but she also helps our clients understand the risks of working with glazing contracts. Ilse’s [...]
March 15, 2019

Once Again Giroux Glass is “Great Place to Work” Certified!

Giroux Glass has consistently ranked on several lists as one of the “Best” or “Great Places to Work” (depending on the list) for over ten years. This year is no different, as Great Place to Work® recently certified us for the third year in a row. In previous years, we also made the lists for “Best Places to Work” (by the Los Angeles Business Journal) and “Best Places to Work in the Glass and Metal Industry” (by USGlass Metal and Glazing Magazine). Most of these lists are based on employees’ input. We are proud to have been honored with other [...]
January 25, 2019

Inspiring Photos From ENR’s “2018 Year in Construction”

We wanted to take a moment today and share ENR’s gallery of inspiration that goes back to 2003. Here at Giroux we tend to be focused on getting the job done to meet (and exceed) our client’s expectations. So when we take a moment to catch our breath and look around sometimes we see something that has that extra, shows everyone that every job can have its moment of extra special. Looking through ENR’s annual photo contest lets us get a glimpse into construction projects that do more than just get the job done. These images are able to transport [...]
November 28, 2018

New Pacific Realty

The High-End Design department at Giroux Glass covers various projects. From storefronts to multi-million-dollar homes, our department has done it all. Although most of the work at Giroux Glass consist of exterior jobs, in the High-End Design department we work on many interiors as well. Earlier this year, my team (Allen Shook, Chris Ruiz, Rob Neal, Shaun Hosmer & crew) and I worked on the interior of New Pacific Realty in Beverly Hill, CA. New Pacific Realty is one of many offices located in the Kenquest/Beverly Hills building.  The Kenquest/Beverly Hills building is a 5- story mid-century modern building located [...]
November 14, 2018

Proud to Make this List!

The Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) has once again, just published its most recent list of LA’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. We are thrilled to see that we not only made the list, but especially that we moved up in rank from where we landed last year.  In 2017, Giroux Glass ranked at #83 on the list.  Last week, CEO and president, Nataline Lomedico and I attended a fun event at an underground old bank vault in Downtown Los Angeles, called “The Reserve,” for the big reveal.  Amidst the other 99 curious list members, we learned that this year, we moved up [...]
November 8, 2018

Words of Wisdom for Young Industry Hopefuls

Last month, Nataline Lomedico, CEO and president of Giroux Glass Inc., was one of seven panelists at the 2018 Associated General Contractors (AGC) Annual Conference in Lake Tahoe. The panel discussed diversity and inclusion and its importance in the construction industry. When people hear the word diversity, a few concepts that immediately come to mind are race and gender, but what about age? After leaving the conference, Nataline considered that the current construction workforce reflects a disproportionate number of younger people, as well as the other more often-cited issues. “For every three baby boomers retiring from the construction industry, only [...]