Considering Dynamic Glass? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Dynamic glass applications are among the many technologies the commercial glazing industry has developed to improve energy efficiency in buildings. These special coatings change their properties to provide better temperature and light control for a…

Curtain, Unitized, Stick, & Window Wall Systems

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Building Envelope

Giroux Glass has the tools and proficiency to create custom building exteriors from start to finish. From choosing the right design and materials for the job to custom panel fabrication, to installation, we can produce the ideal panel and/or glass system for your unique project.

3 Influential Curtain Wall Projects

As commercial glaziers, we at Giroux Glass are no strangers to working with curtain wall. Preparing and installing the large, continuous systems of aluminum and glass comprises a large portion of the work we do,…

Expanding Your Pool of Subcontractors

As a general contractor, you wear many hats. Not all of them are hardhats, and most of them aren’t even on-the-job. In fact, a large part of your work day involves overseeing the multiple vendors (electricians, gardeners, plumbers, carpenters, and more) on your project.