Cladding Vs. Curtain Wall

The construction industry is full of highly specific materials, techniques, and terminology, especially as you venture into more specialized trades. As glazing subcontractors, our team at Giroux Glass must effectively communicate with general contractors, architects, and developers to convey the type of work a building requires. In this blog post, we review two related concepts – cladding and curtain wall – and specify the distinctions between them.

Giroux Glass, Inc. Wins Major Industry Award for Pendry Hotel

“This year’s winners show why glass is the best material choice for performance, strength, occupant wellness, decoration and more,” says Katy Devlin, associate publisher and editor in chief. “The winning projects run the gamut, from an unbelievable glass dome, to a multicolored hurricane-rated façade, to a stunning and moving decorative memorial installation. Meanwhile, the winning products show how industry companies are responding to today’s most pressing demands.”

Material Matters

Even the simplest structures require the right materials for the job. Construction material selection is more complex than it might appear.

US Glass: Material Matters – The View by Nataline Lomedico

“In some cases the contract glazier might actively consult on which materials to use, and can choose the preferred supplier. In these cases, the selection often comes down to relationships.” Nataline Lomedico, CEO and president of Giroux Glass, Inc.

Circa Hotel and Resort

The Circa Hotel and Resort is a Las Vegas casino, hotel, and entertainment complex that opened in October 2020.

Six Questions to Ask When Hiring a Subcontractor

The construction industry relies on subcontractors for areas of a project that require specific knowledge and expertise — areas where general construction experience isn’t adequate. While their services are essential to nearly every project, good subcontractors — those who show up on time and follow through on a contractor’s direction — are harder to come by than in the past, especially as fewer workers are pursuing skilled trades.