How Glass Choices Impact Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Energy efficiency is a top-of-mind issue for many real estate developers and building owners, both for its environmental and financial benefits. For building owners and developers, cost is often the primary motivation for implementing efficient…

COVID-19 Related Installations

We are prepared at this time to help our communities during this current COVID-19 crisis. Learn about how we can implement and install quick safeguards for your business

Orange County

Giroux Glass’ Orange County office is perfectly situated to meet the glass and glazing needs of this booming SoCal community.

Architecturally Awesome AXIOM in our Backyard

We are thrilled to be part of a fantastic new commercial development in Las Vegas – one that is literally a stone’s throw from our Giroux Glass office and shop space. The project is Sansone…

6 Bird-Safe Architectural Glass Options

New construction often represents exciting growth and opportunity for the community. However, from a conservation standpoint, the construction of buildings, streets, and other developments can pose a threat to an area’s natural environment. Whether it’s a freeway that cuts through a mountain lion’s hunting grounds or dam that diverts water from a freshwater habitat, there are often real, disruptive consequences to construction projects, however unintended they might be.