“Success Begins with Safe Teams”

“Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it . . . ” 

Giroux Glass has made great strides in making safety an integral part of our operational plan, both in the field and in our office. We’ve done it to the extent that we can tout an impressive EMR of .61 in CA. and .77 in NV. This alone supports the fact that companies that put safety first can be the most successful.

The PENTA Building Group held their 9th Annual Safety Kick-Off Meeting in Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 20th (attended by Nataline and Bob Burkhammer), and in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 21st (attended by Zan Witham, Debbie Barris and Stephanie Lamb). There, PENTA shared that their theme for 2016 is that “success begins with ‘SAFTEAMS.’” They invited all key personnel from the construction community to promote safety, not only on the job, but in their personal lives as well.

Limiting safe practices to just the workplace is simply not enough — and this was one of the most impactful messages delivered at the SAFTEAMS event. It was stressed that we all need to constantly keep up our guard, for ourselves, as well as for anyone around us.

When I think of my husband getting “T-boned” while a texting driver ran a red light, or my son becoming the victim in a near-fatal motorcycle accident due to a speeding driver clipping him off the road, reality sets in and tells you, “you alone are not in control of those around you.” We should all be safety conscious at all times and make it home safely to friends and loved ones. 

The featured keynote speaker, Kevin Burns, captivated and motivated with his own personal story and by sharing his “10 Safety Attitude Strategies” (see below). To crowds of approximately 70 in Los Angeles and 500 in Las Vegas, the message sent loud and clear was that we all need to “trust the process” and not only watch ourselves but those around us as well, to ensure the safety of everyone.