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10 News Sources for Construction Industry Professionals

For construction businesses, it’s critical to keep  abreast of new industry developments. Staying on top of the latest technological innovations, economic forecasts and new contributors within the field  is the best way to set your own construction business up for growth and ensure it doesn’t fall behind the competition.

2016 NAHB International Builders Show

The National Association of Home Builders’ 2016 International Builders Show recently took place in City of Lights–Las Vegas, NV–and Jerod Allen (Giroux Glass’ Vice President of Business Development) and I were pleased to attend. NAHB IBS is one of...

2020 Year in Review

2020 was an unprecedented year for many obvious reasons. Like others in the industry, Giroux Glass experienced its fair share of highs and lows over the past twelve months. But whether scoring big-time projects, managing Coronavirus, or winning major awards, our team faced it all with grit, determination, and cooperation, and managed to get a lot done, despite less-than-ideal circumstances. Here are some of our company’s highlights from this very unique year.

2021 Year in Review

2021 was a special year, not only because we had the good fortune of working on a variety of incredible projects, but also because it was our 75th anniversary of operation. Full of new contracts,...

4 Construction Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

The new year is here! Most construction industry professionals are well past planning for 2020, but we think these 2020 construction industry trends are still worth a look. While we can never be sure what challenges and curveballs a new year will toss our way, we can look to the data and our long experience to uncover which factors will continue to be important in our industry going forward.

6 Bird-Safe Architectural Glass Options

New construction often represents exciting growth and opportunity for the community. However, from a conservation standpoint, the construction of buildings, streets, and other developments can pose a threat to an area’s natural environment. Whether it’s a freeway that cuts through a mountain lion’s hunting grounds or dam that diverts water from a freshwater habitat, there are often real, disruptive consequences to construction projects, however unintended they might be.