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It is named after the person who started the company in 1946, whose (French) name was Louis Giroux.

“jə – roo” Say “ji” as in “giraffe,” and “roo” as in kangaroo, and you’ll get it right every time.


In some cases, yes, please call 1.800.684.5277 to discuss or request a quote here

In some cases, yes, please call 1.800.684.5277 to discuss or request a quote here

Yes! Call 213.268.4691 for immediate help, whenever you need it, day or night or request a quote here.

No, our union-qualified glaziers install what we purchase from glass manufacturers.

Yes, we have an entire team of highly-qualified CAD technicians in our CAD department.

Yes! We have our own fabrication plant in San Bernardino filled with the latest equipment, which services locations in every state where we work.

We’ve worked on landmarks all over California and Nevada, but we’re probably best known for having installed the SkyWalk over the Grand Canyon in 2007.

Yes, if there is glass in those steel or wood doors that needs to be replaced, we will work on the glass.

Yes! We love to remove and install film.


It provides workers ownership interest in the company. At some companies, employees purchase shares in the company. At Giroux Glass, shares are gifted to employees after they become vested. ESOP employees share ownership of the company and benefit personally and financially from the company’s success and profitability.

“ESOP” means “Employee Stock Ownership Plan.” An ESOP is an employee benefit plan, similar in some ways to a profit-sharing plan. In an ESOP, a company sets up a trust fund, into which it contributes shares of its own stock or cash to buy existing shares. It creates the structure in which employees can become owners of the company for which they work. For more detailed information on ESOP programs.

Giroux Glass was honored to receive the prestigious Excellence in Ownership 2014 “Working Better Award” from the National Center for Employee Ownership.

Giroux Glass is a successful glazing company with a long history of accomplishments that make every partner proud. Giroux is respected in the Industry as being the top-quality glazing provider on architecturally significant buildings, hotels and residences throughout California and Nevada.

The word “partner” is used rather than “employee” at Giroux, because it is a proud ESOP company. That means each and every team member takes personal pride in contributing to and benefitting from the company’s success. It’s a work environment that encourages every partner to share his or her creative ideas to keep the company successful and innovative, in alignment with the Giroux Core Values.

Giroux cares about its partners in a way that few companies do – and that’s reflected in its collection of long-term team members and repeated ranking on the LA Business Journal’s “Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in Los Angeles” list. Giroux seeks to hire experienced and enthusiastic candidates who will be the right fit with its corporate culture, because once you’re a part of the team, you’re a part of the Giroux family.

Giroux Glass has corporate offices in Los Angeles and Fresno, California, another in Las Vegas, Nevada, and operates a fabrication facility in San Bernardino, CA.

To be THE innovative leader in the Glazing Industry – a company you can trust.

In addition to the ESOP program, Giroux Glass offers full-time employees group health insurance, life insurance, vision care, and other insurance programs; a 401-K retirement plan, paid vacations, sick days and other benefits.

The partners at Giroux work hard but enjoy a good time. A Culture Committee meets to plan interesting events and enjoyable activities throughout the year that include monthly birthday celebrations, pot-luck lunches, holiday parties, BBQs and picnics, bowling and hiking events, community events, and more. Partners are strongly encouraged to participate in Industry golfing and networking events, even when held during work hours. The partner team members enjoy spending time with one another and new activities are planned on an ongoing basis.

Please send your completed application form, resume and cover letter with the subject line containing the name of the position for which you are applying to this email address: [email protected]

Excellent candidates who meet all requirements listed on the job description will receive a call from a recruiter for a quick conversation about your qualifications. Next, you will be invited to meet with a hiring manager in person. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to meet with Giroux team members from cross-functional areas to determine whether you’re a fit for the company. A job offer will follow if you are indeed the exemplary candidate we seek.

Job offers are contingent upon satisfactory background verification, I-9 completion and successful results to a drug test.

Yes, we offer excellent candidates various internships in several areas that run from June to end of August, depending on project needs and candidate availability.

Giroux makes very clear what is most highly valued among its partners: The company name can be seen as an acronym for the traits it holds most important:

       G – Growth
        I – Integrity
       R – Respect
       O – Ownership
       U – Unity
       X – Excellence

Industry Terms

Glass glazed from the exterior of the building.

Two panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed hermetically with dead air or gas-filled space between the panes.

The process of laminating two or more sheets of annealed or heat-treated glass, separated by at least one PVB interlayer. The end result is a dependable adhesion between the elements and enhanced security and safety for glazed products.

Measures the amount of noise reduction that can be achieved with a given product. A noise reduction of 10 decibels represents cutting the noise level in half, as interpreted by the human ear. So, a rating of 25 means the product reduces the outside noise by approximately 25 decibels, cutting the noise in half 2-1/2 times, or cutting it by over 80%

The solar heat gain coefficient, also called a shading coefficient, is a measure of how well a window absorbs or reflects heat from the sun. The lower the coefficient, the better the window is at blocking the sun’s heat. Windows in hot or temperate climates should have a low SHGC; south-facing windows in cold climates should have a high SHGC.

Microscopically thin, virtually invisible, metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on a glazing surface primarily to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radioactive heat flow through the glass. Solar Innovations® utilizes Lo E 272 as our standard Low-emittance glass.

A glazed product featuring two panes of glass for thermal and/or acoustic insulation

Unlike vision glass, which is meant to be transparent, spandrel glass is a non‑vision application designed to be opaque in order to help obscure the spaces between the floors of a building, including insulation, vents, wires, slab ends and mechanical equipment.