“You Break It, We Fix It”

The words technical, crtical, urgent, stressful… accurately describe the project challenges that we face on a daily basis. It’s also what drives us.

Our Los Angeles Service Division is the original division of Giroux Glass. It has been in operation since the company first opened its doors in 1946–this year, we celebrate our 70th anniversary!

Throughout the history of our department, several directors have had the opportunity to lend themselves to the city’s needs and add to its unique growth. Now, as Director of the Service Division, I too find the opportunity very satisfying, knowing that we can (and do) provide unique services to support our customers. In times of need and when faced with critical glazing challenges, our customers rely on us to deliver quick, high-quality solutions.

I do not, ever, take for granted that I can count on my trustworthy team alone to provide solutions based on our long history and experience. Together, we rely also on continuing education and maintaining constant communication with our labor force. Both help us stay abreast of the latest technology and techniques in the glass and glazing industry.

My own satisfaction comes from working for this large glazing company that allows its partners (as an ESOP, we call our employees partners) the freedom to express oneself, one’s knowledge, and experiences gleaned over the years, in a way that achieves success and results.

The Service Division’s capabilites include repairing and installing door lites, skylights, mirrors, and more, but we also go far beyond to include some of the most sophisticated glass repair challenges. And do we love a challenge…. We seek out and thrive on precarious repair requests!

It reminds me of so many of our past projects, like…

  1. When we replaced a 10′ by 20′ side lite which was perched on a balcony of a 15-story condominium.
  2. Repairing custom doors and staircases in the homes of actors, politicians, musicians, and executives.
  3. The 24-hour restoration of a well-known bank lobby which was badly damaged by a run-away vehicle.


Before[/one_second][one_second] After[/one_second]


We don’t get those types of calls every day; our office climate varies from quiet days to days that have us scrambling about. But days without emergency calls do seem less exciting.

To our customers, just know that our Service Division’s slogan stands: “You break it, we fix it.” Whatever it takes.

[one_second] Oversized glass replacement at the DTLA Gensler “Jewel Box” (above)[/one_second][one_second] Glass removal after the DTLA Da Vinci fire at Lewis Brisbois (above)[/one_second]

[one_second] Glass door repair at the Giroux Glass facility in Los Angeles (above)[/one_second][one_second] Window and door installation at LA’s Harper Salon (above)[/one_second]