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Cladding Vs. Curtain Wall

The construction industry is full of highly specific materials, techniques, and terminology, especially as you venture into more specialized trades. As glazing subcontractors, our team at Giroux Glass must effectively communicate with general contractors, architects, and developers to convey the type of work a building requires. In this blog post, we review two related concepts – cladding and curtain wall – and specify the distinctions between them.

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Material Matters

Even the simplest structures require the right materials for the job. Construction material selection is more complex than it might appear.

Six Questions to Ask When Hiring a Subcontractor

The construction industry relies on subcontractors for areas of a project that require specific knowledge and expertise — areas where general construction experience isn’t adequate. While their services are essential to nearly every project, good subcontractors — those who show up on time and follow through on a contractor’s direction — are harder to come by than in the past, especially as fewer workers are pursuing skilled trades.

Get a Grip: The Ins and Outs of Glass Handrail and Guardrail

Glass handrail and guardrail can be found in nearly every type of construction project – from high school stairwells to sophisticated rooftop lounges, luxury homes to hospitals. In this article, we detail the various elements architects, designers, and glaziers take into account when selecting the right handrail and guardrail systems for the job.

Top 10 Tips for Commercial Shopping Center Maintenance

If you own or manage a commercial shopping center, maintenance should be one of your top priorities. Commercial shopping centers need to be clean and well-maintained so shoppers enjoy spending time there. Tenants also need to have a functioning space to serve their clients. If you are considering the ideal maintenance of a commercial shopping center, review the tips listed here.

All in the Details

When it comes to interior commercial glazing on projects (such as high-end retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals) materials, considerations, and installation vary project to project. Each project has unique requirements related to the glazing installation and maintenance.