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Celebrating Native American Heritage and Community

In November, we observe Native American Heritage Month and the diverse cultures, traditions, histories and important contributions of Native American people. At Giroux Glass, we embrace and appreciate every person’s background – including their culture,...

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Fun Facts You May Not Know About Glass

Everyone handles glass every single day. Whether we open a window, touch our smartphone screen, or drive a vehicle, we interact constantly with glass directly and indirectly. Many people never really think much about this versatile material – so we’d like to present some of its interesting features and fun facts.

Honoring Our Veterans

Each year, in honor of Veterans Day, we like to pay tribute to the brave men and women of the US armed forces.

ENR Names Giroux Glass in Top 600 Specialty Contractors for 2022

Coming in at #345 on the "Top 600 List of Specialty Contractors, 2022," Giroux Glass is poised for an outstanding 2023 fiscal year. The company was ranked ninth in the nation within the Glazing and Curtain Wall specialty niche, among over 19,000 glaziers.

Explaining Low-E Glass for Energy Efficient Applications

With low-E coated glass, it is possible to have a beautiful, natural light-filled structure while maintaining energy efficiency. Here we explain what low-E glass is and how it works. We also outline important considerations when choosing low-E coated glass for your building or structure.

The Top Five Reasons to Renovate your Lobby

If it’s been many years since its last renovation, your lobby is probably due for an update. The Giroux Glass team can recommend countless options for entrances, storefronts, hardware and other lobby features—all of which have advanced technologically in the years since you last replaced them.