September 20, 2017

Pushing Creative Limits with Glass

This summer, I had the chance to visit what is now one of my all-time favorite museums, The Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, New York, a museum with  an interesting history. It was established it 1951, then twenty years later. the building and most of its prized artwork was seriously damaged by flooding in June 1972, caused by Hurricane Agnes.  Each piece of glass required meticulous cleaning and restoration — and the museum re-opened, amazingly, two months later.  In 2001, a huge renovation added 18,000 square feet to the property, creating the Contemporary Glass Gallery, which showcases countless pieces [...]
September 13, 2017
Giroux Glass World's Largest Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio Las Vegas, NV

The Giroux Glass Project that Broke a World Record

Did you know that the largest chocolate fountain in the world is located on Nevada’s opulent Las Vegas Strip? In April 2008, Guinness World Records announced that it became the largest chocolate fountain in the world— and that record still holds today! The fountain measures over 26-feet tall and circulates 2-tons, or 4,409-pounds, of chocolate at a rate of 120-quarts per minute. It is displayed at the Jean Philippe Pâtisserie in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s the only Giroux Glass project that holds a world record today; although it is not the only project to win [...]
September 7, 2017

Why We Love Working for Giroux Glass

“I don’t know where to begin. The tolerance here is beautiful. Everyone respects each other.” -Ilse Baeck, contracts manager “The culture that we’ve created — you actually build relationships with everyone that you work with. It’s a family. It doesn’t even feel like work sometimes.” -Cesar Barragan, Service superintendent “Working here has allowed me to fulfill my dream of working with people who have the capability to take on work that other companies won’t.” -Fred Perez, director, Service For decades, we partners have been asked to share what we like about working at Giroux Glass. We’re also regularly encouraged to [...]
August 30, 2017

Giroux Glass is Now a CENTRIA Dealer-Installer

The region’s exclusive certified CENTRIA dealer-installer, and also the fabricator of custom panels and aluminum, Giroux Glass provides superior products and installation of complete glass and panel wall systems. Certified CENTRIA Dealer-Installer We are thrilled to share that Giroux Glass has recently become a certified dealer-installer of CENTRIA products. This certification qualifies Giroux Glass as the one CENTRIA dealer-installer to provide product and installation over the regions that include from Merced in Central California, south to the California-Mexican border, and throughout Southern Nevada. Options for Giroux Glass-installed CENTRIA products for mounting to exterior framing include: Profile Series exposed fastener metal [...]
August 23, 2017

A Tour of the Guardian Glass Manufacturing Plant, Geneva, New York

Guardian Glass is Guardian Industries’ largest of several divisions, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of float, value-added and fabricated glass products. With twenty-eight float plants spread across five continents and twenty-five countries, I was fortunate, last month, to tour one of their more local facilities in Geneva, New York. My tour guide was Mark Rice, customer account manager, who started working production with the company when the Geneva facility opened in 1998.  Mark walked us through the process, at times popping us inside and back outside, to either escape the rain, or the intense heat in some of [...]
August 18, 2017

My Time as a Giroux Glass Intern

As a film and photography intern who hasn’t worked in the construction industry before, I’ve found my time here at Giroux Glass, Inc. to be extremely eye opening. I’m currently a film student at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, and I’ve come to find that construction and glazing are a lot like working on a film set. In film, you’ve got departments that work on very specific elements of a production such as production design or sound or lighting. In construction, you have subcontractors such as Giroux that work on a specific element of the overall project (in this case, [...]
August 9, 2017

Giroux Glass, Inc. Is a Certified Great Place to Work®

At Giroux Glass, Inc., 97 percent of our employees say this is a great place to work. (Click on the image below to play video) On July 20, 2017 our company was certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. We earned this credential based on extensive ratings provided by our partners in anonymous surveys. A summary of these ratings can be found at: We are overwhelmed by the positive responses from our partners, and overjoyed that so many of our colleagues are truly appreciative of the workplace and culture that we have [...]
August 3, 2017

Our History with the “Chemosphere”

Giroux Glass, Inc. is privileged to work on many interesting and unique homes and landmarks in the Los Angeles area. But back in 1999, the team at Giroux got to work on one of the most unique residences that exists: the “Chemosphere.” Situated high in the Hollywood Hills, just off Mulholland Drive, the one-story home sits on a 45-degree hillside. Its octagonal shape atop a 29-foot-tall and 5-foot-wide column creates an image that is reminiscent of a giant flying saucer. Originally built in the late 1950s for Leonard Malin, a young aerospace engineer, the building was then and is still [...]