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Bob Burkhammer – 25 Years Strong at Giroux Glass

Bob Burkhammer, vice president of business relations, has been with Giroux Glass for nearly 25 years and discusses some fond memories of his career with us.

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Bye Bye to Bob

Join us in congratulating Bob Linford on his retirement. Bob has worked with us for 15 years, in various roles and over several stints.

Greening up Glazing

It’s no secret that the wellbeing of our planet is in jeopardy. Rising tides, extreme weather, species death that destabilizes our ecosystems – it’s all symptomatic of humanity’s reliance on unsustainable materials and processes. From the way we consume energy to the massive amounts of material waste we generate on a personal and collective level, our post-industrial habits are in need of a fast and dramatic overhaul. Our lives depend on it.

Tom Molinaro Reminisces about his Years with Giroux Glass

Tom Molinaro is now approaching his 25th work anniversary with Giroux Glass. Tom started in the industry as a field glazier in 1983. He signed on with Giroux in 1997, and currently serves a dual role as estimator and project manager.

Proud to be NACC Certified!

We are proud to announce that Giroux Glass has become the latest glazing contractor to meet the high standards set by the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program.

All Hands on Deck

I’ve worked in this industry for decades, and it still never ceases to amaze me how construction projects come together. The degree of planning, communication and cooperation required to erect a building is so extreme that it’s a wonder anything gets built at all. But somehow, our trade is able to consistently create stable, functional, safe and often beautiful structures.