Water Intrusion

Water intrusion in commercial buildings can occur due to several factors, especially in the case of glass structures. Primarily, it happens when the integrity of the glass glazing or surrounding sealants deteriorates over time due to weathering or substandard installation. This degradation creates openings through which water can seep into the building structure. Additionally, glass structures are often vulnerable to pressure differentials. If the pressure outside the building is significantly higher than inside, it can force water to permeate through even the smallest imperfections in the glass glazing or its sealing. Lastly, design flaws such as improper slope of glazing systems can lead to water accumulation, contributing to water intrusion. Recognizing these potential issues is crucial in preventing and addressing water intrusion in commercial buildings.

water intrusion repair

Giroux Glass offers a comprehensive suite of services to address water intrusion in commercial buildings. Our experts begin by conducting meticulous inspections to detect areas of water intrusion and identify the root causes. This process involves evaluating the integrity of the glass and sealants, assessing the pressure differential, and identifying any design flaws.

Once the root causes are recognized, our team proceeds with precise repair services, utilizing high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure long-lasting solutions. This includes restoring the integrity of the glass and sealants, balancing the pressure differential, and rectifying any design flaws.

Beyond repairs, Giroux Glass is also dedicated to helping prevent future occurrences of water intrusion. This is achieved through the implementation of robust prevention mechanisms, such as improved sealing and glazing systems, strategic design modifications, and regular maintenance.

Our services are not just about fixing the present issues, but also about safeguarding your commercial structures against future water intrusion. By choosing Giroux Glass, you are investing in a professional, reliable, and comprehensive solution that prioritizes the long-term health of your property.



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