A Series on Exit Planning and Succession

Some days I just get sentimental about those who care enough to help me become a better person. None of them told me what I wanted to hear 100% of the time. Those are the ones who helped me to grow the most.

Last Wednesday, I along with Anne-Merelie Murrell (Giroux Glass’ current owner and Chairman of the Board), were interviewed by Glass Magazine on the topic of succession planning and transitioning leadership of a company.

Listening to her reminded me of how fortunate I’ve been to have her in my life. Sometimes (many times) she pushed me along against my will. Sometimes she refused to hear me say “I can’t.” She never did give up on me and her loyalty proves that she never will. For that, I am thankful.

In April, our interview with Bethany Stough will be summarized in an article that will be the second installment of Glass Magazine’s multi-part series –  Exit Planning and Succession: A Successful Exit.

In running your glass business there is only one guarantee: you eventually will exit—either voluntarily or involuntarily. The day will come when you will have to say goodbye. Exiting is not an easy process, and the odds are not in your favor. In order to succeed, the business and the owner must both be prepared to successfully transfer the business. -Kevin Kennedy