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Giroux Glass has the tools and proficiency to create custom building exteriors from start to finish. Building envelope performance is key for the structural integrity, durability, and effective operation of any structure.

The building envelope is all the layers that separate the interior from the exterior of the building, including windows, doors, the roof, floors, and walls. Our team of glazing experts at Giroux Glass can assist you with all aspects of your building envelope questions. From review of design and production concerns of construction documents, to implementation of QA/QC during construction through review of submittals, RFIs, and review/inspection/testing of ongoing work in the field. Our team collaborates with both internal and external team members for the successful completion of all services pertaining to the project.

Giroux Glass is known for our ability to recognize, prevent and troubleshoot problems with glass and glazing, building envelope systems, and more.

Madera Courthouse, Fresno California


Performance of any curtain wall system is only as good as the workmanship that goes into its fabrication and construction. There are many issues that can affect the final quality and durability of these systems, from repair accessibility to weather conditions, to the presence of dirt and dust on the job site. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a highly experienced, qualified glazing company to handle your curtain wall fabrication and installation.

Our team at Giroux Glass has over thirty years’ experience installing all types of curtain wall. We have in-depth knowledge of every system and supporting technology on the market, and have developed strict protocol to minimize risks and/or variables that can compromise the quality of your curtain wall system.

Plant Growth Environments Facility at UCR, Riverside California


There are many unique ways quality glazing can enhance the appearance of a building while contributing to its structural resilience. Features like glass façades, glass canopy, skylights, glass flooring and staircase systems; handrails, and beyond combine form with function, providing beauty and natural light along with architectural support. However, to carry out their functions safely and effectively, such elements must be installed and maintained by experienced glazing professionals. Giroux Glass has maintained its stalwart reputation since 1946, performing countless installations of high-performance glass for businesses, private residences, educational facilities, and beyond.

Sunrise Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada


Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Metal Composite Material (MCM) are façade systems that work alongside glass and glazing systems, or as stand-alone building façades. Both are almost entirely maintenance-free when installed properly, and lend a modern and stylized appearance to any structure. Giroux Glass has extensive experience installing both types of systems. When you work with our team of Union glaziers, you can rest assured that your building will be equipped with the highest-grade, lowest-maintenance cladding installation possible.


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