A Message from Our Marketing Intern

The thought of being at a certain point in the world that gives you a view looking over a city like Los Angeles is thrilling. It’s actually quite possible that I’m one of those people who is a “lover of heights,” if such a term exists. Take the window seat on an airplane with me and I will very passively aggressively stare you down until you realize that the only reason I fly anywhere is specifically to look out the window of an airplane. Heights provide such a perspective of the world that is unrivaled by none. When Giroux landed the job at the U.S. Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles, to help renovate the recently named “Skyspace L.A.,” we knew that we needed to get footage of all stages of the installation. So Giroux sent the intern.

As an intern, one doesn’t generally expect to have the most thrilling job in the world. An internship can imply low-level decision making and the typical grunt work, so although I’m a college student coming from the University of Southern California, I’ve learned not to expect too much creative power.

However, I’ve been an intern at Giroux Glass for a year now — working in the marketing department as a photographer/videographer — and the position I’ve grown into is something I never would have anticipated.

I have made trips to places in Los Angeles that have shown me the part of L.A. that has Giroux’s significant touch. I’ve watched from inside the Paley Center in Beverly Hills as our Service team repaired a sliding door, on a day that the museum wasn’t even open to the public. One early morning in Downtown L.A. I watched the guys replace a pane of glass larger than most people’s homes, while just the other month I was taking pictures of our team replacing glass in escalators lining the iconic Hollywood Bowl.

The creative opportunity I’m given in this internship exceeds what I might find in a typical internship at a production studio. I’ve learned so many skills here at Giroux that have all contributed to my repertoire as a filmmaker. I get the opportunity to photograph various job sites weekly. I recently finished a three month long project documenting the various types of projects that our service department attends to. Being in charge of all of this footage has lead me to expand my knowledge of countless photo and video editing software. All of these examples have forced me to grow as a photographer and a videographer — because of my creative power — in other positions, this is something that I couldn’t have achieved to this extent. And I love it. Giroux shows me the side of Los Angeles that not everyone gets to see, and this is teaching me a love for this city and my craft that I hadn’t experienced yet.

Through all of this, I have seen myself grow. This is a company that values me and gets me excited to create content that is representative of its values. This is a company that has given me the freedom to teach myself how to be the best that I can be with the materials provided, and I’ve learned so much.

Giroux has done some incredible projects. Most recently, their work on the U.S. Bank Tower is quite exciting, and as the company’s photographer and videographer, I strive to showcase the stunning work this company achieves through a platform that carries longevity. I don’t do this just for myself, to stand behind my camera as Giroux re-installs windows on L.A.’s tallest building, or solely for the company to see their finished product. I do this to invite the rest of the world to experience a side of construction and design in a way they might have never seen before.

by Lizz Mullis, Marketing Intern at Giroux Glass, Inc.

Lizz, a student at the University of Southern California, has shared her talents in photography and videography with our company for just over a year.  She welcomes your comments at [email protected].

A Note from the CEO

“I need to dry my eyes.  When I agreed to take on the role of CEO, I was questioned by so many people about why I chose to take on a role that would be just as demanding or more demanding than my previous role as CFO.  I couldn’t put it into words what my main motivation was, I just knew it was something I felt.  I responded, ‘At this point in my career, I want to make life more enjoyable for those around me by inspiring them. I want to work with others to create something bigger than ourselves.’  The feeling that came over me when I read Lizz’s letter made me feel something so much bigger.  It made me feel immensely proud of being part of a company that can make someone want to express their feelings about being part of Giroux the way Lizz did.  I felt just as much joy reading her letter as I did when I found out we received the contracts for some of our largest projects.  You can’t put a price tag on happiness.  From the bottom of my heart… thank you, Lizz.”

Nataline Lomedico
CEO and President of Giroux Glass, Inc.