Giroux Glass, Las Vegas: 20 Years of Resilience

Nataline Lomedico, CEO and president, Giroux Glass, at our party celebrating the 20th anniversary of our presence in Las Vegas.

Last week as we celebrated our twentieth anniversary in Las Vegas, we also celebrated the resilience of the people in our company responsible for our success and longevity. A dream may have brought us here, but resilience kept us here.

Through the years of highs and lows, the strength of our people was the constant reason for our decision to stay in Las Vegas. The challenges always brought out the best in our team and we are so fortunate that many of our original team members are still  with us now. The fast pace and ever-changing innovation of Las Vegas helped to create the foundation of our culture in Las Vegas. Those who could keep up with the pace while aligned with our core value of integrity are the employees still here today. They will continue our great story and remain the integral factor in the successes of our many outstanding clients and their projects.

We entered the Las Vegas market during the shift from themed hotels to those of luxury, sophistication and elegance. We watched firsthand as design trends shifted to entice the most advanced conferences from around the world to our home in Las Vegas. We were there to help build jaw-dropping entertainment venues, restaurants, and casinos, to name just a few types of early projects. Our operations team contributed to countless design meetings, helping to bring the wildest project ideas to life. As the dreams of the innovators of Las Vegas grew, so did we. Our love for Las Vegas flourished — and we have been blessed to be part of countless community outreach projects.  Those special opportunities brought out then — and will continue to bring out — the best in our Giroux team.

When the recession hit Las Vegas, our heart was anchored with our local community. We were determined to stay for our clients and to rebuild from the pieces left behind. Due to our resilience, “We happened in Vegas and stayed in Vegas!”

As we look to the future, we continue to bring on the most resilient, loyal, passionate, and dedicated team to carry our Giroux Glass Las Vegas far into the future. We stand ready for the innovation that is yet to be dreamed, with the team whose heart and passion are firmly rooted within our Las Vegas community. Thank you to our people, clients, vendors and many service providers for allowing us to be here to celebrate.  And thank you to those who attended our celebration last Wednesday night at The Palms Hotel. We couldn’t have done it without each of you, and we’re thrilled that you took the time to be a part of the festivities.

Cheers to the next twenty years in Las Vegas!

With a grateful and full heart,



Giroux Glass team that includes Art Mortensen, Chase Castillo, Jesse Grubbs, Debbie Barris, Genieve Pereda, Heidi Reeves, Zan Witham, Melissa Ensor, Monica Pomykal and Nataline Lomedico overlook the LV skyline from APEX at the Palms Hotel.