November 25, 2019

Giroux Glass, Las Vegas: 20 Years of Resilience

Last week as we celebrated our twentieth anniversary in Las Vegas, we also celebrated the resilience of the people in our company responsible for our success and longevity. A dream may have brought us here, but resilience kept us here. Through the years of highs and lows, the strength of our people was the constant reason for our decision to stay in Las Vegas. The challenges always brought out the best in our team and we are so fortunate that many of our original team members are still  with us now. The fast pace and ever-changing innovation of Las Vegas [...]
October 26, 2019

“Our Planet – Our Future” Kick-off Meeting for the United Nations Los Angeles Chapter

Kick-off Meeting: “Our Planet, Our Future”, Giroux Glass, Inc. was a co-sponsor of the United Nations Association of the U.S. – Los Angeles Chapter (UNA-LA) event on October 26, 2019 – at Emerson College where Barbara Kotsos, Brian Peregrina and I attended. Brian’s lovely wife and board member of the UNA-LA Chapter, Radhika Vekaria, spoke to the group as well. The timing of the event was no coincidence: Oct. 24 was the 74th anniversary of the United Nations, and their chosen theme for the year is climate crisis, “the defining issue of our time,” and they’re dedicated to making noise [...]
February 7, 2019

California High School Career Fair

Last week, Giroux Glass participated in the fourth Annual Career Fair at California High School, in Whittier, California. The career fair hosted more than 2,500 students between the ages of 14-19 years old. “Why a high school,” one could well wonder? For reasons of spreading the word about the vast labor shortage in our industry, largely due to an age gap of incoming younger workers. The career fair was a perfect opportunity to help spread the word about the many benefits and opportunities in the construction field — for girls and boys! In talking to so many young people, we [...]
January 15, 2019

“Outstanding Women in Construction and Design . . . “

. . . is the headline on this week’s Los Angeles Business Journal.  We were so proud, once again, to see listed among the 25 prominent women in our industry, our Giroux Glass, CEO and president, Nataline Lomedico, on page 26.  She shares the honor with 24 other trail-blazing women who were hand-picked by the publication as extraordinary women who have done so much to contribute to both the Los Angeles economy and to the city skyline. The entire article can be read here. Considering that women make up less than 10% of the entire industry workforce, it’s encouraging to see [...]
September 7, 2017

Why We Love Working for Giroux Glass

“I don’t know where to begin. The tolerance here is beautiful. Everyone respects each other.” -Ilse Baeck, contracts manager “The culture that we’ve created — you actually build relationships with everyone that you work with. It’s a family. It doesn’t even feel like work sometimes.” -Cesar Barragan, Service superintendent “Working here has allowed me to fulfill my dream of working with people who have the capability to take on work that other companies won’t.” -Fred Perez, director, Service For decades, we partners have been asked to share what we like about working at Giroux Glass. We’re also regularly encouraged to [...]
May 19, 2017

Winemaking 101: Our Final Session

The budding winemakers at Giroux Glass participated a few days ago in the final phase of creating our first-ever production of red table wine. As a fun way to hang with our co-workers and also to celebrate our company’s 70th Anniversary, we decided last summer to sign up for a series of team-building and educational winemaking events at Grape Expectations, in Henderson, Nevada, close to our Las Vegas office. We commemorated our milestone anniversary with these beautiful labels, adding a nod to the location with a photo of our historic 2007 Grand Canyon Skywalk project to decorate the bottles. We [...]
April 24, 2017

Giroux Glass, Friends of the LA River

This Earth Day (Saturday, April 22), Giroux Glass partners and friends rallied together for the mid-river portion of the Great Los Angeles River CleanUp, organized by FOLAR (Friends of the LA River). It’s one of Los Angeles’ biggest green events, and the largest urban river clean-up in the United States. Eager to play a part in beautifying our city, our team met up at around 9 that morning, at a charming place called the “Frog Spot,” located along the Elysian Valley bike path on the west bank of the river. There was live music to enjoy and a fun area to mingle in before we [...]