Proud to be NACC Certified!

We are proud to announce that Giroux Glass has become the latest glazing contractor to meet the high standards set by the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program. NACC endorsement provides architectural glass and metal contractors with certification recognition through a third-party and in-depth evaluation of business practices, creating an objective and professional baseline for competency and adherence to industry-accepted guidelines. Qualified subcontractors earn the NACC credential through a time-intensive evaluation process in which they must demonstrate their proficiency in five areas: business practices, safety, glazing processes, contract administration, and quality.

Giroux Glass becomes only the 36th glazing contractor in the country to meet the demanding requirements for the credential, which is the result of a qualification process that began in 2014. A dozen additional companies are currently undergoing the thorough process to become certified. At this time, however, no other companies that have received the certification are based in Los Angeles, where Giroux Glass is headquartered, or within the states of Arizona or Nevada, where Giroux Glass operates additional company locations.

Official recognition of having met NACC standards greatly benefits glazing customers and general contractors. It immediately identifies to all potential project partners those glazing companies who will ensure high quality, consistency and competence in their work. It also greatly minimizes the risks that often accompany working with a contractor for the first time, validating that the contractor in question has the processes and procedures in place to consistently meet exacting standards.

For a company that has always taken pride in the quality of our work, we are grateful to have achieved this NACC recognition. To have earned this certification while our company honors our 75th anniversary of operation gives us yet one more reason to celebrate.

For more information on the NACC program, and to refer to our status on the alphabetical listing of certified companies, please visit NACC .