August 22, 2018

Attending the Employee Ownership Foundation’s Employee Owner Retreat

Here at Giroux we strongly believe that employee ownership improves our competitiveness, our productivity and the quality of every one of our projects. From August 8th to the 12th, Humberto Martinez and I attended the Employee Owner Retreat in Downers Grove/Chicago, Illinois. This was very interesting and helped us understand what an ESOP is and means to all of our fellow owners at Giroux Glass.  What made this experience even more special is that we attended on a scholarship we won, and were able to squeeze in a bit of work-related sightseeing. “We played an ESOP game where we were given [...]
April 19, 2018
Giroux Glass at Silver Lake Medical Center

To Us, It’s More Than Just a Board-Up

It’s been said that leadership makes you run toward the fire. It takes courage, vision, selflessness, and other qualities of good leadership to act nobly on the spot. At this point in your life, do you tend to face challenging, trying circumstances head-on, or do you run from them? Our character is manifested in the choices we ultimately make. These moments that call us to act will always surprise us; we may find ourselves in these situations at home, on the freeway, at a concert, at work–anywhere! As I observe the team of people who surround me at work, I’m [...]
January 3, 2017

The Glass below the Grass at Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University needed our help recently to replace a pane of broken glass in their newly-constructed Seaver Life Sciences Building. It's a gorgeous 100,000-square-foot, three-story facility which boasts large, custom glass lites throughout, and is topped by a grass-covered roof (shown above) that's also a "living laboratory" for research!
December 27, 2016

Holiday Appreciation Breakfast

With the end of 2016 being much cause for celebration, our Service department added yet more reasons to celebrate by hosting an annual team breakfast in appreciation of each other and the work we have accomplished together this year. As far as traditions go, the Service department, the original division of Giroux Glass, has been in operation for over 70 years. It was the first Giroux Glass team to hit the streets in Los Angeles when Louis Giroux first opened his doors in 1946. Since then, our team has grown to include everyone in the photo above, and more — estimators, project managers, [...]
October 31, 2016

Glass Updates at the LA Memorial Coliseum

Whenever we have the privilege of working on a landmark Los Angeles structure, we’re pretty stoked to be a part of it. One of our Service department’s most recent landmark projects just took place at the LA Memorial Coliseum in Downtown LA.
July 26, 2016

Our Challenge in the Sky

Located in the heart of Century City stands the landmark Constellation Place/MGM tower, a beautiful building consisting of large double pane windows that run from floor to ceiling. Built in 2003, the 35-story, balconied tower overlooks from Santa Monica to Los Angeles, and the busy streets, fine-dining restaurants, retail stores and hotels nearby. The tower’s commercial management company, Constellation Place, LLC, asked Giroux Glass’ Service Department to help with some needed glass repairs — a relatively simple replacement. The catch, though? It’s in the sky! And it’s the reason why we were asked to do the job which many other glass companies would decline. The job [...]
March 16, 2016

Why Showing Appreciation Makes A Difference

This picture was taken Wednesday, March 9th at one of our Service Division’s appreciation lunches (though we’re missing Cesar Barragan, our Field Operations and Shop Manager). We do this from time to time to celebrate accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves as a department–and it’s become really important to us. As a team, we set revenue goals which we strive to meet each month. For the past three months, we have consistently exceeded that goal by six percent! While that may not seem like much, one of the unique aspects of our Service Division is the high volume of [...]