June 5, 2019

Lions Park: New Donald Dungan Library

The first phase of the Lions Park Library project is now complete. The new library, located in Costa Mesa, California, replaced the Donald Dungan Library.  At over double the square footage of the older building, renovations by our Giroux Glass team included two-story ceiling height, skylights and a substantial amount of glazing. The new facility is now officially open, and the second phase of the project will focus on the old Community Center, with an upgraded storefront and skylights. This project presented some unique areas of concern. The construction of the curved structural glass wall, as well as the integration [...]
May 15, 2019

Giroux Glass Participates in “Construction vs. Cancer” and “The Big Dig” Fundraiser

Construction vs. Cancer” is an annual Southern California event put on by the American Cancer Society and the construction group, “The Big Dig.” The event takes place at Angels Stadium, in Anaheim, California, and gets children involved — up close and hands-on! — with the heavy construction equipment they love, all for the great cause of helping to raise funds to cure cancer. Sponsors of this event included: Penta Building Group, McCarthy Construction, Sukut Construction, and many more. Giroux Glass coworkers, Yalitze Caballero and Gerard Marquez, and their loved ones, had the pleasure of representing our company at the awesome [...]
May 8, 2019

Hilltop Renovations – Kenfield Residence

Giroux Glass is proud to have been part of this residential renovation project, which involved installing glass walls around the perimeter of an exterior concrete deck. The owners chose glass in order to appreciate the breathtaking views surrounding their Los Angeles hilltop home. Now almost complete, the project began in January as a conventional install, but due to the nature of the glazing needed, we provided design assistance as well. Bringing our expertise into the design phase not only ensures that the required glass will be manufactured correctly, but also that our installation will meet city codes. Bradley Custom Carpentry [...]
May 1, 2019

Las Vegas Team Volunteers for a Great Cause with Clear Impact- The Shade Tree

A few weeks ago, we volunteered our glazing services for a truly deserving, Las Vegas-based organization. The Shade Tree is the largest shelter of its kind in Nevada, as the only 24-hour-accessible shelter designed specifically to meet the needs of women, children and seniors. With 364 beds, The Shade Tree provides 100,000+ nights of shelter, as well as 165,000 meals and over 3,200 life-skills classes, and has generously helped over 5,200 families last year alone. This non-profit organization started in 1989, and has grown, thanks to donations, to its present 38,000-square-foot facility of residential areas with sleeping rooms, libraries, training [...]
April 24, 2019

How “MOSTe” Empowers Women to Succeed

I recently had the opportunity to represent Giroux Glass at a fundraiser in support of an incredible local organization. “Motivating our Students through Experience,“ known as “MOSTe,” is a mentoring program focused on empowering young women, and gives them the resources they need to thrive as proficient students and to become successful women. Matching young women with mentors they may not have had otherwise, the organization also believes that helping these girls reach their own full potential benefits our entire community. MOSTe has been in existence since 1986 and has been helping the Los Angeles community and young women in [...]
April 8, 2019

Photo Shoot at Pechanga Resort & Casino

There’s rarely a shoot that doesn’t present a challenge, and my day at Pechanga Resort & Casino was no different. Giroux Glass provided the exterior glass for the new additions to the property – for which the scopes included the atrium and the tower hotel. The first vantage was taken from the parking garage, during sunset. The biggest problem was that at that moment, the sun was setting behind the building, causing a silhouette. Luckily the cloud cover provided me with a natural yet dramatic softbox to shoot into. I also had a chat with Security due to someone reporting [...]
April 5, 2019

CSULA BioSpace

We are proud to announce that Giroux Glass has completed yet another beautiful project: the new BioSpace building at Cal State University, in Los Angeles. The recently-finished project incorporates some beautiful design work that truly mirrors the likely future accomplishments to take place within its walls.  This venue will, among other activities, house a training program to prepare emerging entrepreneurs to launch their own job-creating,  bioscience ventures.  How better to motivate creative minds than by enveloping them in open spaces awash with light? Giroux Glass’  project manager Dave Brewster, and the CAD department worked closely together to meet the high [...]
March 26, 2019

Contract Negotiations: The Art of Paving a Safe Road to Growth

Building a successful company and building a road have a lot in common Building a company is very similar to building a road. It is a process. And as companies grow, it is easy to lose sight of the maintenance that must be done to keep it safe for high-speed travel. Here at Giroux Glass, our Contracts Manager, Ilse Baeck, has been the gate keeper and road maintenance specialist. She not only prepares the company to handle the accelerated growth that is coming our way, but she also helps our clients understand the risks of working with glazing contracts. Ilse’s [...]