November 19, 2018

Providing for Employees – Providing for the Community

The Inner Cities Capital Connections just released their 2018 Impact Report and it features Giroux Glass as an example of creating inclusive prosperity in inner cities. Giroux was nominated to be a part of this report for several reasons. Noted in the opening paragraph: “When you walk into the offices of Giroux Glass in Los Angeles you’re greeted by the company’s core values printed – fittingly – on large glass walls: Growth. Integrity. Respect. Ownership. Unity. Excellence.” And this speaks to all of our partners, friends and associates. The INITIATIVE FOR A COMPETITIVE INNER CITY (ICIC) is a national nonprofit [...]
November 14, 2018

Proud to Make this List!

The Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) has once again, just published its most recent list of LA’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. We are thrilled to see that we not only made the list, but especially that we moved up in rank from where we landed last year.  In 2017, Giroux Glass ranked at #83 on the list.  Last week, CEO and president, Nataline Lomedico and I attended a fun event at an underground old bank vault in Downtown Los Angeles, called “The Reserve,” for the big reveal.  Amidst the other 99 curious list members, we learned that this year, we moved up [...]
November 8, 2018

Words of Wisdom for Young Industry Hopefuls

Last month, Nataline Lomedico, CEO and president of Giroux Glass Inc., was one of seven panelists at the 2018 Associated General Contractors (AGC) Annual Conference in Lake Tahoe. The panel discussed diversity and inclusion and its importance in the construction industry. When people hear the word diversity, a few concepts that immediately come to mind are race and gender, but what about age? After leaving the conference, Nataline considered that the current construction workforce reflects a disproportionate number of younger people, as well as the other more often-cited issues. “For every three baby boomers retiring from the construction industry, only [...]
November 2, 2018

Charity Golf Tournaments

Here at Giroux Glass, we strive to honor our core values every day: Ownership, growth, respect, excellence, unity, and integrity. When it comes to the word unity, we believe that we are not only united as a company, but we stand united as a community. Last month we had the pleasure of sponsoring two charity golf events that align with our core values and illustrate the importance of giving back to the community. The G.L Bruno Family Foundation Golf Tournament On October 12, 2018, Partners John Smith and Kelly Edwards attended the 22nd Annual G.L Bruno Foundation Golf Tournament. When [...]
September 24, 2018
Giroux Glass inspects glass in China plant

Trip to Beijing and Beyond

Over Labor Day weekend, I spent an interesting week traveling for the first time to China! I set off with a colleague, our vice-president of business relations, Bob Burkhammer, and my buddy, Chris, who also works in the industry. Our goal was to get ourselves to our glass manufacturing plant, a few hours outside of Beijing, to inspect the quality of several huge lites of glass, before they’re loaded onto a container and start to float their way to the US. We wanted to be sure that the quality was perfect before they hit the high seas for 6 weeks, [...]
September 18, 2018

LA Company Picnic 2018: Don Knabe Park

This is only my third week here at Giroux Glass – and my first blog post, (of many, I hope!) – but since my first day, I have sensed the  family culture of this company. Everyone has been incredibly nice and welcoming, which led to my excitement for the upcoming company employee events which are typically organized by Giroux’s “Culture Committee,” the team of partners who plan all of our fun employee events.  These events include monthly birthday celebrations, pot luck lunches for pretty much every calendar holiday, and our (biggest) end of year holiday party. Summer picnics are held for [...]
August 22, 2018

Attending the Employee Ownership Foundation’s Employee Owner Retreat

Here at Giroux we strongly believe that employee ownership improves our competitiveness, our productivity and the quality of every one of our projects. From August 8th to the 12th, Humberto Martinez and I attended the Employee Owner Retreat in Downers Grove/Chicago, Illinois. This was very interesting and helped us understand what an ESOP is and means to all of our fellow owners at Giroux Glass.  What made this experience even more special is that we attended on a scholarship we won, and were able to squeeze in a bit of work-related sightseeing. “We played an ESOP game where we were given [...]
August 13, 2018

A Week in the (Work) Life of CEO/president Nataline Lomedico

August 6th to the 10th, I spent a really nice week of visiting our different offices and job sites and it reminded me why I love working with our team at Giroux. There is so much talent at all of our Giroux Glass locations.  This week in particular was a whirlwind tour.  Over the years, I’ve been consistently impressed by how prepared for visitors are our on-site crews are when random visitors appear. It is a testament to their training, professionalism and passion, and this visit was not an exception. Every single team member was equipped, knowledgeable, safe, polite.  It [...]