Providing for Employees – Providing for the Community

The Inner Cities Capital Connections just released their 2018 Impact Report and it features Giroux Glass as an example of creating inclusive prosperity in inner cities. Giroux was nominated to be a part of this report for several reasons. Noted in the opening paragraph: “When you walk into the offices of Giroux Glass in Los Angeles you’re greeted by the company’s core values printed – fittingly – on large glass walls: Growth. Integrity. Respect. Ownership. Unity. Excellence.” And this speaks to all of our partners, friends and associates.

The INITIATIVE FOR A COMPETITIVE INNER CITY (ICIC) is a national nonprofit research and advisory organization and the leading authority on U.S. inner city economies and the businesses that thrive there. ICIC nominating partners are their eyes and ears on the ground. ICIC relies on them to identify growing businesses that will help strengthen their surrounding communities.

When Nataline Lomedico became CEO in 2014, she realized that Giroux had some opportunities for growth. She turned to ICCC and tapped into her thirst for knowledge, guidance, and a path forward. “[ICCC] has had a profound impact on accessing education, and really forced us to set aside time, and bring in people that can mentor and help,” Nataline says. Three years later, Giroux is 100 percent employee-owned and has grown its revenue by 289 percent.

Giroux is extremely transparent, this includes many levels and types of meeting of its employee-owners to talk about the budget, goals, and plans going forward. “They build their future through our ESOP [program],” says Nataline. “So we try to do everything to empower our employees and also give the employees an opportunity to shine where they may not in their current roles.” Giroux’s (and Nataline’s) employee-centric philosophy includes a commitment to workplace diversity. She sees it as a key ingredient to retaining good talent and ensuring the company’s success. “[It’s] about getting people from different belief backgrounds, different cultures, different genders, around the table to share ideas.”

Read the entire article and you will agree, Anne-Merelie left a legacy of giving back to her employees and community.