Proud to Make this List!

CEO and president, Nataline Lomedico, and me, at the “Big Reveal” event.

The Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) has once again, just published its most recent list of LA’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. We are thrilled to see that we not only made the list, but especially that we moved up in rank from where we landed last year.  In 2017, Giroux Glass ranked at #83 on the list.  Last week, CEO and president, Nataline Lomedico and I attended a fun event at an underground old bank vault in Downtown Los Angeles, called “The Reserve,” for the big reveal.  Amidst the other 99 curious list members, we learned that this year, we moved up to spot #68 on the list for 2018!  (See the list here.)

We consider it to be partly a reflection of our hard work and are proud to see the results.  We know that the building boom happening right now in our industry also is a factor – and was the subject about which I was interviewed by LABJ writer, Howard Fine, in his article, which can be read here. He noted that of the 100 companies on the publication’s list, 10 of them were suppliers or contractors in the construction industry, further evidence of the health of the construction industry at this time.

The unique decor at The Reserve.

Some of the highly successful and fastest-growing businesses on the list blew away most of the others, with their percentages of increased sales over the prior year, so we were definitely in great company.  We were honored to make the list at all, in a city such as ours, and to see how much we progressed over the prior year.

With architect Matt McLarand, President of MVE+ Partners.
Giroux Glass, LA's Fastest Growing Private Companies
Art deco is the design theme at the bar and throughout The Reserve.