New Pacific Realty

The High-End Design department at Giroux Glass covers various projects. From storefronts to multi-million-dollar homes, our department has done it all. Although most of the work at Giroux Glass consist of exterior jobs, in the High-End Design department we work on many interiors as well.

Earlier this year, my team (Allen Shook, Chris Ruiz, Rob Neal, Shaun Hosmer & crew) and I worked on the interior of New Pacific Realty in Beverly Hill, CA. New Pacific Realty is one of many offices located in the Kenquest/Beverly Hills building.  The Kenquest/Beverly Hills building is a 5- story mid-century modern building located only two blocks east of Rodeo drive. Being in such a prime location, we had the pleasure of renovating the inside to match the prestigious Beverly Hills look. Our scope for this project included the glass entrance, glass doors, side lites, custom jambs, and mirrors. For this project, we used Low-iron glass with custom hardware and handles. Low-iron glass is the best for indoor and office settings due to better color neutrality and more natural light. One off custom low profile jambs were added to our scope as well.

Some of the most challenging elements of interior jobs is working while tenants occupy the space. Because of this, schedules often change. We try our best to accommodate our client’s schedules and needs by sometimes working off hours or even weekends if allowed. For this project, we loaded large lites of glass at night through one of the windows of the building.

Thanks to Shawmut Design and Construction for letting Giroux Glass Inc. tackle the special request of custom low profile jambs. I would also like to thank my team and Giroux Glass CAD Technician Jenny Jimenez. We all played a significant role in making an excellent interior remodel.