At Giroux Glass, We Celebrate Labor Day!

We consider Labor Day to be an important holiday, not just because we enjoy a long weekend. This special day is a creation of the labor movement, dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It’s a yearly national tribute to all that our workers have achieved to increase the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country; America is strong, and will continue to become even stronger, largely due to these contributions of our nation’s hard workers.

We respect and support all of our workers, in the office and in the field. At Giroux Glass, we hire only highly qualified union workers. In Los Angeles and San Bernardino it’s the Glaziers, Architectural Metal and Glass Workers, Local Union #636; in Las Vegas, it’s Local #2001 and in Fresno, it’s Local #294. We’re proud to offer our customers the expertise that comes with the quality workmanship of our union-qualified glaziers. We are confident that the skillset we bring to every job cannot be surpassed, and we take great pride in performing to that level, consistently.

In the office, we are proud to be not only workers, but partners. We are an ESOP company, and work together as a team to do what’s best for the company, knowing that it benefits everyone. This doesn’t preclude having a good time while we’re doing it, however — while we work, we typically manage to have a good time. Whether it’s planned celebrations, or impromptu levity while on the job — we like what we do and have fun doing it. Some of these photos depict what we call “work” here at Giroux.  As Anne-Merelie Murrell, our Chairman of the Board, has said, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”

So while we celebrate this weekend, think about work, and what it means to you. We know what it means to us, at Giroux, and we can honestly say we are happy to do it and that we are so proud of our daily work accomplishments.

Enjoy the Labor Day Holiday!