We’re Proud and Show It!

We’re ever mindful of the fact that our reputation for quality glazing work rides on the expertise of our guys (and gal!) in the field. They’re the front-line team, the ones who make the magic happen. They hang from swing stages, from the terrifying tops of the tallest high rises, while skillfully maneuvering fragile, yet cumbersome, heavy lites of glass. Sometimes it’s transporting huge panes of glass across the dry sand of a beach-front mansion, deftly overcoming the piles of construction debris to get the glass to its destination. Other times, it’s over a cliff, or above a crowded freeway… and that’s just to get the glass in place. The actual installation itself is the next step in the amazing glazing process — and they consistently produce an end result over which our entire company collectively swells with pride.  In case they don’t hear it often enough from us, we want them to know how much we appreciate all that they do.

We have a Steering Committee at Giroux Glass.  It’s a group of partners that meets regularly to collect, discuss and implement ideas for process or other improvements. They also nominate an Employee of the Month, and starting now too, a Best Project or Best Team Effort of the Month.  At one of these meetings, an idea was suggested by Chris Bonnet, an Estimator for the Commercial Team. His idea was to create something visible to hang on display for everyone to see, a proclamation and reminder to all who enter any of our shops, how proud we are of our glaziers.

The result was unveiled today at our quarterly Town Hall meeting. Nataline Lomedico, our chief executive officer and president, (far right) called upon Chris Bonnet, as well as our Marketing Assistant, Monica Molinaro, (far left), who created the design, to reveal the new banner to all attendees.  As they unfurled the banner, so too did we reinforce to our partners the respect, and sometimes even awe, in which we hold our esteemed glaziers.  Let them be reminded each and every time they enter our shops, that we are grateful for their knowledge and experience.  A banner will be hanging in the shops of our Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Las Vegas, and San Bernardino shops within the next few days.  Look up, way up, on your next visit, or the next time you see a construction project in progress!