If You’re Looking for a Sign …

Here’s one!

This company isn’t a stranger to projects perched precariously atop some of the city’s tallest skyscrapers.  In fact, this year marks Giroux Glass, Inc.’s 70th anniversary of service being performed to Downtown Los Angeles commercial buildings. Teams of our incredibly brave and skillful glaziers have spent months dangling from the tops and edges of high-rises such as the Deloitte Gas Company Tower, the Paul Hastings Tower, and the tallest building in the western hemisphere (for now), the US Bank Tower. Next up, is One California Plaza, an Arthur Erickson building located in the Bunker Hill District of Downtown Los Angeles.

Our Service team just held our last meeting before starting the AECOM sign project at One California Plaza. Giroux Glass met with the JLL property management team and Priority Sign (a fellow ESOP company) to discuss our role in the installation of two large signs which will be hung at the 42-storey level — and forever change the iconic LA skyline.

In the next few weeks, our glaziers will begin removing glass and boarding up the openings on the northern and eastern elevations of the 42nd floor to allow for Priority Sign to install their anchor points. This process will last around four to five days, and be completed by four busy union-qualified glaziers.

In May, Giroux Glass will install 38 lites of high-performance glass to prepare for the building’s new signage. The glass will allow for steel attachments to anchor each of the “AECOM” letters to glass curtain wall.

Each letter (measuring approximately 9′ x 14′ each) will then be maneuvered and set by helicopter on two elevations of the building that will be visible — and worth watching! — from miles around.

With the unveiling date of the signage set for May 18th, this will be yet another icon in the sky for which Giroux Glass can be proud!