Training at Giroux Glass

“We take pride in training our employees and the next generation of glaziers.

Much time and effort goes into glazing. Our employees must be up to speed on the latest techniques and technologies of the industry.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and help our clients achieve what they need.”

Giroux Glass is all about making sure its employees are properly trained; whether it’s with equipment, special techniques of the trade, safety, or the latest industry developments.

Continuing education: One of our latest trainings brought together glaziers at the Giroux Glass shop in Los Angeles, to learn from our journeyman glazier and certified Spyder Crane operator, Martin Gutierrez. In addition to teaching the team how to operate that model of crane, Gutierrez stressed the crucial practice of following safety protocol. Such training classes keep our glaziers up-to-date on certifications, and refreshes their equipment knowledge – all of which helps Giroux maintain our efficiency. More importantly perhaps, it gives our customers the assurance to trust that we know exactly what we are doing. Our glaziers are our bread and butter. The more training the better!

Glazing apprenticeships: Because we are a Union glazing contractor, we employ apprentices who undergo a rigorous 4-year training until they eventually become journeymen glaziers. The video above shows some of our journeymen and project foremen taking these apprentices under their wing, to help teach them the tools of the trade. Apprentices get hands-on experience on swing stages, removing broken glass, installing new panels, correctly sealing glass units, fabricating — the whole glazing gamut.

Office staff training: Our employees who are not members of and insured by a Union are ESOP participants and thus employee-owners of Giroux Glass. The training video shows interdepartmental collaboration at work as well as training within departments, such as our Accounting and CAD teams. One thing that has always been greatly encouraged at the company, from Anne-Merelie Murrell’s time as CEO to now, under Nataline Lomedico’s leadership, is education and life-long learning. Fees for seminars, Expos, trainings, certificates, and some higher education programs are reimbursed by the company. It’s up to each partner to be eager to learn new things, but everyone’s required to stay current with the processes and procedures necessary to perform their respective roles.

Every day at Giroux Glass is a day to learn and improve, no matter one’s position or experience level. It’s a goal of ours to foster an environment that is conducive to education and excellence through training and mentorship!