August 30, 2017

Giroux Glass is Now a CENTRIA Dealer-Installer

The region’s exclusive certified CENTRIA dealer-installer, and also the fabricator of custom panels and aluminum, Giroux Glass provides superior products and installation of complete glass and panel wall systems. Certified CENTRIA Dealer-Installer We are thrilled to share that Giroux Glass has recently become a certified dealer-installer of CENTRIA products. This certification qualifies Giroux Glass as the one CENTRIA dealer-installer to provide product and installation over the regions that include from Merced in Central California, south to the California-Mexican border, and throughout Southern Nevada. Options for Giroux Glass-installed CENTRIA products for mounting to exterior framing include: Profile Series exposed fastener metal [...]
July 12, 2017

Training at Giroux Glass

“We take pride in training our employees and the next generation of glaziers. Much time and effort goes into glazing. Our employees must be up to speed on the latest techniques and technologies of the industry. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and help our clients achieve what they need.” Giroux Glass is all about making sure its employees are properly trained; whether it’s with equipment, special techniques of the trade, safety, or the latest industry developments. Continuing education: One of our latest trainings brought together glaziers at the Giroux Glass shop in Los Angeles, to learn from our journeyman glazier and [...]
May 25, 2017

Progress with Panels

I thought it might be time to tell – remind? – people about what’s happening these days at our plant in San Bernardino, California.  Since 2008, we have been doing our own fabrication on almost any ACM (aluminum composite material) panel project we can bid. The news that we are now thrilled to announce is that Giroux Glass has also recently become a certified dealer-installer of CENTRIA products.  As a qualified member of the CENTRIA dealer network, the certification identifies us as the one CENTRIA dealer-installer to provide product and perform installation over the geographic regions that include from Merced [...]
January 12, 2017

New Panel Fabrication Equipment for Giroux Glass, Inc.

As announced by USGlass News Network (USGNN), Glass Magazine, and CCR Magazine, Giroux Glass, Inc. has recently upgraded its panel fabrication capabilities with the installation of a new PANELBuilderTM. Manufactured by AXYZ International, it represents one more impressive piece of CNC (computer numerical control) equipment for fabricating aluminum composite and metal composite materials in our San Bernardino, California-based plant. Previously, over the years, Giroux Glass has included panel systems in its work by subcontracting their fabrication to outside companies. The new addition, along with the installation of custom saw/feeders, will enhance our glazing projects and benefit our customers in several important ways. One clear [...]
June 29, 2016

Glass Expo Pacific Northwest (GEPN)

“Do what you say you will, when you say you will.” These wise words of advice given by Lyle Hill, best known as a columnist for Glass Magazine, are just a glimpse into some of my takeaways from this year’s Glass Expo Pacific Northwest, hosted by Key Communications. From June 2-3, the GEPN (the region’s largest architectural glass and metal-related conference and trade show), took place for the first time in over a decade at Seattle’s Hyatt Regency Bellevue. First arriving, I was surprised to see the smaller size of this Expo, as compared to other GlassBuild America locations; however, I soon learned that the content from the seminars and the information [...]