Restoration of LA’s Ford Theatre is Complete

Ford Theatre in the 1930s, then known as the Pilgrimage Theater. (Bob Plunkett)
Current day Ford Theatre, photo taken June 2017. (Giroux Glass)

For decades, the rejuvenated John Anson Ford Amphitheatre has supported artists representing music and dance styles reflective of LA County, from Celtic dance numbers to musical sing-alongs. Ever evolving, Ford Theatre has been undergoing further renovation, featuring state-of-the art sound equipment and space for performers, with impressive architecture and design elements to match. Giroux Glass is proud to be a part of the unique glass design that will serve as the next exciting facade to this 97-year-old LA County treasure – born, discovered, buried, rediscovered, and finally in center stage.

Visiting Ford Theatre: Giroux Glass’ Bruce Johnson & Kelly Edwards with the Marketing team of Barbara Kotsos, Monica Molinaro, & Alyssa Renzi.

Project manager Bruce Johnson and superintendent Kelly Edwards recently toured our Marketing team around the venue, just before it was finished. It inspired us to investigate the near century-old history of the theatre, and to return for a show! For more on its interesting history, read our previous blog post on the subject.

After months of construction, the $75 million restoration project has come to an end, with July 15 marking the theatre’s inaugural performance, post renovation. Giroux Glass also celebrates the culmination of a successful project, thanks to the combined effort of Bruce Johnson, Kelly Edwards, Tom Berger (Estimator), and our glazing team led by Mike Duren (Foreman). Since February 2016, our team had planned the installation of entryway curtain wall, sliding projection windows, dressing room area mirrors, as well as decorative windows in the “castle-like” structure (shown in photos below). After the skilled work of our crew and coordination with other trades, general contractor, Pankow, and Levin & Associates Architects, this project is complete and stunning. Thanks also to our suppliers, OldcastleCRL/US AluminumSmalley & CompanyArcadia, Inc., and Avalon Glass and Mirror, for their support on this project.

It has taken years of creativity, artistry, and fellowship to bring the Ford Theatre to where it is today. As always, we are greatly honored to actively contribute to building up our communities, especially in the city where Giroux Glass got its own start, 71 years ago, in our “City of Angels.”