December 4, 2017
Giroux Glass ESOP Celebration with Anne-Merelie Murrell, November 2017

Celebrating Our ESOP, the Gift of Anne-Merelie Murrell

It’s remarkable when company owners pass on their ownership to their children. What is it when an owner of a company chooses to provide for many families by passing ownership to her employees? It’s unbelievable. . . . and rarely takes place. Yet that is exactly what Anne-Merelie Murrell did for her employees when she transferred her majority ownership to all of us, the employees of Giroux Glass. She made us all owners and partners. Thank you, Anne-Merelie, for the gift of employee ownership! With big dreams, expertise, and the best union glaziers and office staff, we’re dedicated to making [...]
July 6, 2017

Scoreboard Meetings and Financial Transparency

In interpersonal relationships, in our careers, and in our government, transparency is a healthy, just way of existing in community. It’s also sometimes quite the elephant in the room. Either way, transparency is not always easy to achieve, especially when a necessary element of it is trust — a crucial, hard-earned factor in any relationship, I’m sure we can all agree. Discussing the topic of financial transparency here, an organization that provides financial reporting in a clear, candid, frank, and easily understood way is embracing financial transparency. We realize how important financial transparency is when working with investors, but what happens when your shareholders include a majority of your employees as well? [...]