Culture of CARE at Giroux Glass

The “Culture of CARE” is an initiative created by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) to encourage inclusive work environments in construction firms nationwide, and to attract diverse and talented workers to our industry as a whole.

I have taken the Culture of CARE pledge, personally as an individual, and also on behalf of our company and our work environment.  At Giroux Glass, we highly value the uniqueness and diversity of each and every one of our partners. It is important to us that every employee feels valued, welcomed, included and safe when he (she) comes to work. To help us communicate these values and set expectations, we have taken the Culture of CARE pledge,

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be deploying tools and resources provided by Culture of CARE. We ask that each and every one of our employees strives to live up to these Culture of CARE values. If you’re interested in learning more about what this means, visit the Culture of CARE website.

In addition, I ask everyone to consider making a personal commitment to create a Culture of CARE by signing the Culture of CARE personal pledge. Be an impact champion and help us all lead this change throughout the industry. View the personal pledge here. 

Diversity, inclusion and determination to bring different mindsets to Giroux have been important factors in us becoming the company we are today. We will continue to embrace our differences and grow together. This must be done together. We must all work to help one another be heard, respected and given opportunity to make a positive change at Giroux. Although, in many cases, we are working far from one another during this time with fewer in-person meetings, we are still here together.  I encourage you to reach out and share your ideas on how we can continue to embrace our mission.

With so much uncertainty during this time, there’s still one thing about which we CAN be certain: that the destiny we create here at Giroux Glass will be great one. Our strength has supported us through the past few months with many proud moments. Can you imagine what we will accomplish in the coming months?

Dream on and stay safe!