The La Jolla “Jewel”


La Jolla, which directly translates to “the jewel” in Spanish, is the location of a private estate where our High-End Design team is beginning to layout glass and glazing work.

The estate is truly a jewel, nestled on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Once its glass façade and interior glazing elements are in place, the home will boast virtually unobstructed, breathtaking coastal views from inside, and even glimpses of paragliders free-flying overhead, every now and then.

The crescent-shaped structure, designed by Guy West of Wallace E. Cunningham, will stand out more as a work of art rather than a home. It will feature frameless showers, clearstories, modern glass doors, windows, and even glass walls.

Now a month into on-site work, we are continuing our layout plan and the installation of stainless steel channel (provided by Active Aluminum Cladding, Inc.), thanks to the work of our Union glaziers, Brandon Sanchez and Drew Esquer.


These preliminary planning stages call us to focus our efforts on logistics, schedules, and material procurement, working closely with Sweig General Contracting, Inc. who has been a pleasure to work with on this project. It also involves foreseeing possible future challenges, such as staging our glass and installing it in tight areas on the cliff. As shown in some of these photos, the limited space available around scaffolding, an unfinished pool, and other trades could pose an interesting challenge for us when it comes time to unload our A-frames using a bulky crane.

Special thanks to my peers at Giroux Glass for their help with making this “jewel” a reality: Brad Leslie, Alan Shook, Brandon Sanchez, Drew Esquer, Cesar Barragan, Hugo Barragan, and Michelle Fainberg.

We welcome you to look back for more updates on the progress of this La Jolla, CA estate as work continues into 2017. Giroux Glass is excited to be serving the San Diego area, and is optimistic about further opportunities there.