September 21, 2016

The La Jolla “Jewel”

La Jolla, which directly translates to “the jewel” in Spanish, is the location of a private estate where our High-End Design team is beginning to layout glass and glazing work. The estate is truly a jewel, nestled on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Once its glass façade and interior glazing elements are in place, the home will boast virtually unobstructed, breathtaking coastal views from inside, and even glimpses of paragliders free-flying overhead, every now and then. The crescent-shaped structure, designed by Guy West of Wallace E. Cunningham, will stand out more as a work of art rather than a home. It will feature frameless showers, clearstories, modern [...]
June 26, 2015

Making the Gensler “Jewel Box” Whole Again: Part II

If you saw one of our latest blogs on how our talented team of glaziers was able to unload this 85″ by 302″ glass monstrosity–and make it look easy–then you may especially like to see them make its installation look just as seamless. This particular piece of ½” clear, tempered glass weighs 1,300 pounds and was created to replace a BB gun-damaged panel for Gensler at their headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Play the video above to see our union crew in action, or watch it on our YouTube channel.
May 29, 2015

Making the Gensler “Jewel Box” Whole Again

Just another day in the shop today here at Giroux. We’ve got a job coming up to replace a big panel of glass for the group of architects at Gensler. Their US HQ is at 500 S. Figueroa in downtown LA, and this big panel is one of a series in their “jewel box.” That’s their ground-level series of windowpanes that go around the building.  Our project estimator, Jay Ramos, said “It looks like a BB gun caused damage to the piece, and it left behind a small round hole”. This is what we’re replacing. Did I mention the new piece [...]