Fun Things We Can Do with Glass Walls!

Something really cool that Mic Patterson brought up when I heard him speak at Glass Expo West, in Irvine back in March, was this fun and rather amazing project designed by Gensler and installed by Cupples:

How innovative and entertaining can a glass wall GET?

On the 94th floor of the 100-story John Hancock Center in Chicago is a fascinating example.  From street level, you can look up, waaaaay up, and see a section of the building with a bunch of people inside, tipping forward towards street level below.  It’s called “Tilt,” a big draw at 360 Chicago, the former observatory floor reimagined by tourist-attraction operator Montparnasse 56.

Mic described Tilt as a 26-foot-wide steel-and-glass box, engineered by Thornton Tomasetti. Three hydraulic actuators rotate it outward to give brave folks the chance to experience Chicago from 1,000 feet up—leaning out over the City at a very scary 30 degree-angle.

I will definitely check this out the next time I’m in the Windy City!

by Karin Scattolon, Giroux Glass, Inc., Project Manager for the High-End Design Team

Karin joined our Giroux Glass team soon after working as an architect in Germany for over 10 years. She invites you to connect with her directly at: [email protected].