Giroux Glass retirement party Bruce Johnson

Bob Linford, VP of CA Operations, reads aloud a letter thanking Bruce for all of his work with Giroux Glass.

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We had a party in our Los Angeles office yesterday to honor and celebrate our partner and project manager, Bruce Johnson, who recently announced his retirement. Bruce worked out of the Los Angeles office for most of his time with Giroux, and recently relocated to our San Bernardino location to reduce his commute drive time.  (So some of us here in Los Angeles had to ease into missing him over the past year.) We all will be forever grateful for Bruce’s colorful personality, and his commitment to our company, starting from his first three years in a Union role, and most recent ten years in project management for our glazing company.

Bruce has been an integral part of, and has shared the exciting journey of our growth, our challenges and our successes. When he first joined Giroux in August of 1997,  Giroux earned $9 million in revenue and had fewer than 60 employees.  Last year, our revenue was over $60 million and we have 200 employees.  We deeply appreciate all of his contributions to getting us here!

From the time Bruce started as a glazier with Giroux Glass with the Commercial Contracts Team, he has seen us grow to its current status. He personally has been an essential part of our Commercial Team during many of these years. From 2000-2004, then once he found his way back again in 2012, and until now, he managed projects collectively worth over 28.5 million dollars.

Bruce successfully completed so many projects, in various sectors:

  • Hospitals that include Valley Presbyterian; Tehachapi; Antelope Valley; Children’s; and Kaiser, Moreno Valley;
  • Schools that include LACCD Harbor College; Santa Ana College; DeWolf; Pepperdine; and UCLA;
  • Entertainment landmarks, such as the Mann Chinese and Ford Theaters;
  • Many more at LAX and throughout LA’s retail and commercial world;
  • And he effectively surmounted the exceptional challenges at Roosevelt Elementary School and

CEO and President, Nataline Lomedico, laughs at the gag gift presented to Bruce

Bruce models the apron presented to him, hinting at what he’ll need to do to fill all of his future spare time.

At the party, we played a slideshow of memories and photos (yes, some were somewhat doctored!) of Bruce, which had the entire group, including Bruce, laughing nonstop. . . until there were a few teary eyes.  Beyond his admirable work ethic, Bruce will be forever cherished for his good-natured sense of humor, (yesterday being a great example) and for his entertaining stories of  his past life as a single person.  We’re glad that his bachelor days will soon be behind him, and wish his fiancée, Jeri, and him congratulations in their upcoming marriage, and our most heart-felt wishes for a healthy and happy retirement together.

We thank you and will miss you, Bruce!

Giroux Glass retirement party

Watching the slide show . . .

“Farewell Bruce, thanks for everything, we will miss you!”