ConstructSecure Gold Safety Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that we are the proud recipients of ConstructSecure’s prestigious 2022 Gold Safety Award. (The company has since changed its name to Highwire.) This honor is bestowed upon companies who earn a safety score between 85% – 95% in ConstructSecure’s Safety Assessment Program. The assessment includes a review of companies’ historic safety performance and current safety management systems. The platform normalizes data within the construction industry for vendor or contractor size, and type of work performed.

An important factor in winning this award was Giroux Glass’ current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) rating of .63.  The number is used by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. An EMR of 1.0 is considered the industry average for safety performance. Numbers below the average determine reduced worker compensation insurance premiums and predict fewer chances of safety violations or claims.

“Giroux Glass, Inc. has done a remarkable job of implementing a strong safety management system. In addition to keeping employees safe, safety performance of this caliber should reduce their insurance premiums,” says Garrett Burke, CEO of ConstructSecure.

The adage, “Safety first” is the guiding principle on Giroux Glass project sites.  “Everything we do stems from safety being first and foremost on our projects,” says Kelly Edwards, Director of California Facilities and Field Operations. “Planning for safety and strategizing all possible scenarios also lead to us performing quality work more efficiently,” he adds.  Most importantly, it’s critical for protecting our workers. “We strive for our glaziers to return home to their families safely at the end of each day. When we achieve that, everyone benefits.“ We are proud of all of our team members for prioritizing and upholding the highest of safety standards across all job sites, and aim to continue to achieve this level of excellence.