The Lucky Dragon: Part 3

It’s so encouraging for me to pop over to the Lucky Dragon job site and to check out the project’s progress with each visit.  On the day these photos were taken a few weeks ago, I could see that we were down to installing the last few panels of exterior curtain wall.


The glass exterior of this boutique hotel is a vibrant red, and each floor is outlined by metal panel glazing for a look that reminds me of metal ribbon between each floor, as shown in the photos above.

I think the red glass is the outstanding design element in this casino and hotel. Lucky Dragon is located next to a residential condominium building and next to a neighborhood of middle class homes — so the color and size of the Casino really make it stand out.  By the time the general contractor, Penta, completes the project it will include such features as a bridge connecting the casino to the parking structure, a spa, a casino, two restaurants and a pool area. Giroux Glass will be installing almost all of that exterior glass, including Panda doors that will lead to the pool, all of the entrance doors and vestibules, and the podium.  There are 25 guest rooms on each hotel floor, 106 window panels per floor, for 8 floors (above the podium level) making a total of 848 individual windows! Check out the floor plan for one of the lower floors public access areas:

I’m here with one of my favorite guys, experienced glazing foreman, Blane Midkiff, who’s been on this job since the start. I’ve worked with him many times on tower projects mostly, and I’m happy to say that he’s one of our best. All of our guys are highly qualified union glaziers, but because we’ve worked together so much in the past, I know I’m in great hands with Blane in charge. On this visit, the Penta traffic coordinator even complimented us by saying that not only is our team good at what they do, she thinks they’re also the nicest guys! I have to agree with her.


In the photo above (right), we can see where Lucky Dragon is located in related to the Las Vegas landmark, the Stratosphere.  From this angle, it could appear to be a weird antenna coming out of the top of the hotel, but it’s not — it’s one of the best recognized tourist attractions in Las Vegas.

Overall, I’m thrilled to see this project coming along, and will post more photos once it’s completed. I think the beauty of the building reflects well on the designs of EV&A Architects; on Graham Architectural Products; on PENTA Building Group and on our own talented Giroux Glass glaziers. I look forward to seeing how the evident (to me!) teamwork between all of us will be reflected in the final product.