A Year of Construction: ENR Photo Contest Winners

10 Hudson Yards, New York City, NY – Photographer: Timothy Schenck


Gerald Desmond Replacement Bridge, Long Beach, CA – Photographer: Marie Tagudena

With photo such as these, no one need wonder why it is I love what I do. ENR Magazine held a contest, and I can’t imagine how they possibly were able to pick the best from among so many fantastic entries. These truly gifted photographers saw the beauty in shape, color and angles of in-process projects of the construction industry, from across the country, and some of them taken right in my own back yard (Long Beach, CA).

399 Fremont, San Francisco, CA – Photographer: Kevin Shea


The New York New York Bridge, Tarrytown, NY – Photographer: Zachary Stokes

The diversity of colors, lines, angles, textures and people in the construction industry is reflected in the winning images of ENR’s “2015 Year in Construction” photo contest. Ranging from bright-blue steel girders and the bizarre geometric forms of spooling cables to the array of workers toiling underground and high in the air, the pages ahead unveil a world of wonder on global jobsites.

See the rest for yourself, at: http://www.enr.com/media/photos/80