High Quality Service at Salvatore Ferragamo

 “Thanks John, your guys did an outstanding job—very profes-sional. Your foreman, Chris Ruiz, was very calm under extreme pressure.”

Bill Dunn, President, Sonora Valley WindowWorks, Inc.



I received an urgent call last Friday from another glazing company that needed us to set three large windows for them on Monday night, July 27. The project site was the Salvatore Ferragamo store at the famous Rodeo Drive, and the priority of this project was escalated due to the store’s hours of operation. The challenge was that the owners wanted to stay open during their usual hours, which limited our potential work opportunity to between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am.

The three laminated glass lites we installed measured 8’x13’¾” and weighed 1,200 lbs each. Moises Orozco (Field Superintendent) and I surveyed the site that Monday morning, while Cesar Barragan (Field Operations and Shop Manager), with help from Jay Ramos (Service Estimator), scheduled our crew and set up a Spydercrane supplied by Smiley Lifting Solutions, and power cups to pull off the job.

Our team of glaziers worked a double shift on short notice to make this install happen. They began work at 9:00 pm Monday and worked through the night until 4:00 am the next morning — all before making it into the shop for a normal work day on Tuesday.

I would like to say thank you to my dedicated and professional team, and to Sonora Valley WindowWorks for believing in us to do the job. We’re proud to know that there are people out there who know that we are happy to be the ones who can deliver in situations like this one.

by John McEwen, Assistant Director of Service at Giroux Glass, Inc.

John McEwen has been an integral member of our Service team since 1996. He welcomes your feedback and responses at [email protected]