How “MOSTe” Empowers Women to Succeed

I recently had the opportunity to represent Giroux Glass at a fundraiser in support of an incredible local organization. “Motivating our Students through Experience,“ known as “MOSTe,” is a mentoring program focused on empowering young women, and gives them the resources they need to thrive as proficient students and to become successful women. Matching young women with mentors they may not have had otherwise, the organization also believes that helping these girls reach their own full potential benefits our entire community.

MOSTe has been in existence since 1986 and has been helping the Los Angeles community and young women in under-served communities ever since. Dr. Lois Frankel, an author who focused on women and leadership positions, founded the organization. The mentors are all professional, college-educated and local women who are inspired to help the next generation of motivated women. These women share their time and energy in an effort to serve as strong role models for the MOSTe scholars.

Right now, there are 265 future female leaders enrolled as MOSTe scholars in Los Angeles county. These students were selected from six middle schools, over thirty high schools, and more than fifty colleges. All over the country, the benefits of MOSTe can be appreciated. Helpful, accomplished mentors inspire one generation, then that generation encourages the next. The driving philosophy is that women helping other women will establish strong bonds and ensure that they continue to fuel that cycle in the future, to inspire women onto career paths that are yet more promising than those in the past.

It was an absolute honor for me to attend a fundraiser for such a remarkable program, and I was grateful to learn more about it. Giroux Glass recognizes the importance of empowering future generations and aims to support programs such as MOSTe, whenever we can. MOSTe has been an effective source of inspiration for so many women, for over thirty years. With the continued support of the community, and from companies like ours, it’s our fervent hope that it will continue for decades to come.