Photo Shoot at Pechanga Resort & Casino

There’s rarely a shoot that doesn’t present a challenge, and my day at Pechanga Resort & Casino was no different. Giroux Glass provided the exterior glass for the new additions to the property – for which the scopes included the atrium and the tower hotel. The first vantage was taken from the parking garage, during sunset. The biggest problem was that at that moment, the sun was setting behind the building, causing a silhouette. Luckily the cloud cover provided me with a natural yet dramatic softbox to shoot into. I also had a chat with Security due to someone reporting that “someone” (i.e. me!) was pointing a “massive camera” at the hotel – which became a non-issue, once I explained what I was doing.

Next, I shot some details of the atrium both exterior and interior. From the interior of the atrium, I got a sense for just how large it was and how much light it let into the space. The installation was incredible – insulated glass units with spider fittings, blending seamlessly into the rock pillars. Finally, I shot the same exterior vantage from the parking garage during sunrise to get the moon setting behind the building and the reflecting dawn in the glass.





For  more details about the project, please see our earlier blog posted dated March 4, 2016.  And in case you can’t make it out to there in person, here are some other shots of the resort.  For a project such as this one, any challenges on the day of a shoot are simply a part of the process.