Holiday Appreciation Breakfast

With the end of 2016 being much cause for celebration, our Service department added yet more reasons to celebrate by hosting an annual team breakfast in appreciation of each other and the work we have accomplished together this year. As far as traditions go, the Service department, the original division of Giroux Glass, has been in operation for over 70 years. It was the first Giroux Glass team to hit the streets in Los Angeles when Louis Giroux first opened his doors in 1946. Since then, our team has grown to include everyone in the photo above, and more — estimators, project managers, and union-qualified glaziers who provide high-quality glazing repairs and replacements in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our breakfast allowed us to give some well-deserved appreciation (and raffle prizes) to our glaziers, who work hard everyday. Those in attendance were: Anthony Lucena, Jim Sharp, Hugo Barragan, Jimmy Curren, Jeremy Kerr, Derrick Kerr, Juan Orozco, Christian Ruiz, Ruben Ochoa, Dalila Fidencio, Jacqueline Arbid, Leo Aceves, John McEwen, Cesar Barragan, Chris Ortiz, Fred Perez, and Moises Orozco.

From our Service team and all of us at Giroux Glass, we wish you love, peace, happiness, prosperity, and more this New Year and always.