Hilltop Renovations – Kenfield Residence

Giroux Glass is proud to have been part of this residential renovation project, which involved installing glass walls around the perimeter of an exterior concrete deck. The owners chose glass in order to appreciate the breathtaking views surrounding their Los Angeles hilltop home. Now almost complete, the project began in January as a conventional install, but due to the nature of the glazing needed, we provided design assistance as well. Bringing our expertise into the design phase not only ensures that the required glass will be manufactured correctly, but also that our installation will meet city codes.

Bradley Custom Carpentry was the GC on this project. Our suppliers, always an integral part of our team effort on any job, provided excellent service: Tri-view Glass (glass manufacturer and fabricator), C&J Industries and C.R. Laurence (metal systems manufacturers). We received additional materials (sealant, anchors , aluminum channels and miscellaneous items ) from Smalley & Company, Progressive Fastening Systems, Coast Aluminum, and McMaster Carr.

Our scope required furnishing and installing 1/2”-thick Monolithic Clear Tempered Glass Rails with custom stainless-steel SRS mounting brackets. We attached these brackets to an existing deck slab, 20 feet above the ground, with stainless-steel Simpson anchors. We also installed 1”-thick insulated vision glass, and a 3/8”-thick clear-tempered glass shower enclosure.

This type of high-end design work is very challenging, and required us to formulate our plan from the moment the job submittal was approved. Remaining flexible to solve any unforeseen challenges is essential to meeting our customers’ expectations, since not everything can be on paper before the job starts. For instance, installing the SRS brackets 20 feet above-grade required that all mounting locations be precisely located, to make sure that the corners of the glass panels aligned perfectly when installed.

Making sure that Giroux Glass always meets and exceeds customer expectations puts us in a position to receive change orders while we are still on site. The owners contracted additional work, which included a custom, frameless mirror and glass shelves above the bar counter. They also added mirrors in the powder rooms, and replaced some existing rake glass.

Superintendent Christian Ruiz led Jorge Puente and Hugo Barragan in the field, and they handled every detail in their experienced, professional manner. Communication is always a key aspect of any project, and they kept everyone informed of any issues that came up during installation, and provided follow-up as needed to ensure compliance.

No field team can operate without the technical and administrative expertise of the home office. The inside team members included our estimator; Sam Gonzales and the CAD team: Jenny Jimenez and Gerard Marquez, with additional help from estimators, John Cox and Kenny Noriega.

A special thanks to Chris Bradley, an independent building contractor, whose advice was critical to resolving field issues throughout the entire process.

The Kenfield residence is a beautiful example of what can happen when innovative design and engineering meet with professional installation. Great job, team!