Giroux Glass Participates in “Construction vs. Cancer” and “The Big Dig” Fundraiser

Construction vs. Cancer” is an annual Southern California event put on by the American Cancer Society and the construction group, “The Big Dig.” The event takes place at Angels Stadium, in Anaheim, California, and gets children involved — up close and hands-on! — with the heavy construction equipment they love, all for the great cause of helping to raise funds to cure cancer. Sponsors of this event included: Penta Building Group, McCarthy Construction, Sukut Construction, and many more.

Giroux Glass coworkers, Yalitze Caballero and Gerard Marquez, and their loved ones, had the pleasure of representing our company at the awesome event. “Yali,” as she’s known, attended with her husband, father and two children. Gerard worked the event, helping to herd/coordinate the children riding excavators. Yali was touched by watching her dad, Claudio Caballero, explain to her son, Jair, his past experiences when he used to work in construction, in Mexico, using similar types of machinery. Her 6-year-old son soaked it all in, and now insists on getting a “dirt digger” of his very own.

In addition to the big construction equipment, the fundraiser featured carnival games, face painting, a balloon artist and much more! Construction vs Cancer was a hit with everyone, from the kids enjoying the opportunity to climb into and onto the construction equipment, to the parents savoring it through their children’s eyes.

Beyond the fun, it also serves as a helpful learning event for children. Yali was glad to have the chance to take advantage of having her children with her at the event to explain the importance of helping others, especially those in need.

Events like these are so important, not just because they raise money for excellent causes, but because they foster a sense of community among all of us. The American Cancer Society has been researching cures for cancer for over 100 years. It has raised countless millions of dollars that led to tremendous breakthroughs in treatment, and that are responsible for a remarkable 20% decline in cancer death rates in United States since the 1990s.

The Big Dig was founded in Phoenix, Arizona and has highlighted just how much children and adults are drawn to the big construction equipment we all loved playing with, in toy form, as toddlers. Allowing children access to excavators, bulldozers, cement mixers, lifts, and other heavy machinery, under the watchful eyes of safety supervisors, gives them the chance to grab a hard hat and live a day as a construction worker. . . and perchance lead to them becoming (much-needed) construction workers in the future . . .?

If you missed the event but would still like to help out your community, the link to donate can be found here.