Fun Night at Dodger Stadium

Giroux Glass attends a Los Angeles Dodgers game
Michelle Fainberg and her look-alike nephews.

On Tuesday night, a group of us spent a beautiful summer night watching our own “Boys of Summer,” The Los Angeles Dodgers, play the Texas Rangers.  It’s become a Giroux Glass tradition for a big group to attend a baseball game together, and we’re all thankful to our Culture Committee, for coming up with yet another fun activity for all of us to enjoy.

From the long walk from the parking lot, uphill in Chavez Ravine, one of the best aspects of going to a game is the hilltop panoramic view of the city, from where our ever-growing collection of distant skyscrapers can be admired.  I always indulge in just a bit of pride while gazing at our downtown area, knowing the part Giroux Glass has had in helping to make happen all that it is today.

Giroux Glass attends a Dodger game.
The overview of Dodger Stadium and skyline of DTLA.

I wonder how many people know that although the 56,000-seat Dodger Stadium officially opened in April, 1962, while it was being built, through 1961, the Dodgers played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, before Chavez Ravine’s Opening Day. With our history of completing projects back then and still now with the Coliseum, we have been close neighbors and a part of Los Angeles now for over 60 years!

Another reason we love this event is that we get to spend time with the family members of our partners.  Kenny Noriega brought a whole row of friends and family, most of them dressed in Dodger Blue; Michelle Fainberg brought her 3 nephews, each one of whom could be her “mini-me;” Monica Molinaro brought her mom, Theresa; Marisela Miranda was there with her sons, David and Ethen; Abdul Aziz Roua brought his wife Romina; Jess Carreon brought his children; Hugo Barragan was there with his daughter; Russell South attended with his wife, Heather, and children; Stephanie Lamb attended all the way from our Las Vegas office; and there were even more friends and family who attended!

It’s a great way to get to know each other better, and to find out who is a true Dodger fan!

Many famous “Dodger Dogs” were consumed, a great time was had by all, and best of all, the Dodgers killed it! It was an exciting game to watch that ended with the Dodgers scoring an amazing 12 runs to the Rangers (paltry) 5.  Let’s Go Dodgers and way to go, Giroux Glass awesome Culture Committee!









Giroux Glass attends a Dodger Game
Marisela Miranda and her 2 sons, one of whom scored even better than the Dodgers with all of his new baseball cards.