Who Needs a Crane!

Although a crane is a much easier way to set oversized glass, it’s not always an option, given the installation setting and restrictions. When this recently was the case, our Las Vegas-based Giroux Glass glazing crew went back to their roots, and installed four units of glass at 990-pounds each, the old fashioned way….

Seen in this three-part video shouldering these half-ton monstrosities, are some of our Giroux Glass journeymen glaziers, foremen, and field superintendents, including: Robert Walker, Tyrone Wade, Jason Wagner, Brian Burton, Joe Barraza, Justin Kroman, Mike Morelli, Joel Marin, Kyle Irete, Mike Duran, Eugene Cornett, Brandon Johnson, and Ned Witham.

Members of the team first removed two door portals and installed two new curtain wall frames before transporting the four units to their final destination at the PokerGO Studio at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Each 1¼” Viracon IG unit measured 180-inches by 72-inches, and was manufactured to match the original curtain wall at the Mandarin Podium, which we installed back in 2007.

I was just so proud to witness this install by our wonderful team of glaziers, and wanted you to be able to see it as well. I hope you’re as impressed as I was that day.

The more than 10,000 square-foot studio, owned and operated by Poker Central, hosts over 300 people and features multiple sound stages, a main studio, break desk, and streaming lounge, all useful in poker and e-sports events. The PokerGO Studio will be open to the public on an event-by-event basis.

Giroux Glass at Aria PokerGo Studio, Las Vegas, NVGiroux Glass at Aria PokerGo Studio, Las Vegas, NV