Top 10 Tips for Commercial Shopping Center Maintenance

If you own or manage a commercial shopping center, maintenance should be one of your top priorities. Commercial shopping centers need to be clean and well-maintained so shoppers enjoy spending time there. Tenants also need to have a functioning space to serve their clients. If you are considering the ideal maintenance of a commercial shopping center, review the tips listed below:

1. Have a System in Place for your Tenants to Follow

As a manager of a commercial shopping center, it’s important to provide tenants easy access to work orders. Depending on the terms of their lease, you will be responsible for providing certain services. Creating an organized work order system will help you and your tenants get maintenance issues solved more efficiently, which benefits everyone – owners/managers, tenants, and customers.

2. Maintain the Exterior of your Commercial Shopping Center

The exterior structure of your shopping center should always look clean. Most building exteriors require power washing to eliminate dust and debris. Scheduling routine power washing rotations will keep the exterior of your building pristine, and give customers a positive first impression of your establishment.

3. Invest in Regular Window Cleanings

Clean windows are important, particularly if your commercial shopping center is located in a locale that experiences regular rain. It’s recommended to maintain a minimum schedule to clean windows four times per year. Cleaning windows less often will result in a buildup of water spots, which dull the appearance of the glass and can appear dirty. Your tenants and customers expect a clear view through clean glass.

4. Regularly Inspect Your Parking Structure or Parking Lot

The parking lot of your commercial shopping center needs to be clean, well lit, and well marked, both for aesthetic and safety reasons. The paint which designates parking spaces and pedestrian walkways should be fresh and visible. Trash and debris must be picked up daily. Lighting should be checked regularly, as should the condition of speed bumps, gates, and other traffic-controlling elements. 

Download: The Commercial Building Maintenance Handbook and Checklist

While it can feel overwhelming to consider all of the small parts that make a building function, taking consistent stock of their working order can help you prevent major issues. To simplify the maintenance process, we’ve developed this handbook and checklist that breaks down a wide array of upkeep duties into manageable, actionable tasks.


5. Schedule Regular Trash Removal 

Implementing a trash removal strategy is important for your larger dumpsters on the property of your commercial shopping center. Dumpsters should be emptied at a rate that prevents the accumulation of excessive odors that attract unwanted pests. If there are food vendors in your commercial shopping center, a more frequent trash removal schedule is critical, since food spoils at a faster rate than dry goods, and odors can quickly become a problem.

6. Inspect Loading Areas Periodically

Loading areas can potentially experience substantial traffic if your tenants receive regular merchandise deliveries. It is wise for you to regularly inspect loading areas to ensure that they are functioning at their best possible capacity. Simultaneous and unscheduled deliveries can lead to a truck backup and potentially interfere with your tenants’ ability to receive regular shipments.

7. Schedule Pest Inspections

Pests are an issue that often arise in commercial shopping centers, and property owners are not always present to ensure protocols are being followed. It is imperative to schedule regular pest inspections and preventative treatments to avoid an infestation. If shoppers see a rodent in the food court of your shopping center, for example, it can be highly detrimental to each business. An infestation can also cause issues with local governing bodies. Staying on top of pest control is good business for all parties.

8. Prepare for Vandalism Removal

Most commercial shopping centers experience vandalism from time to time. If your property has been vandalized, it is wise to report the incident to the police and then work to immediately remove the messages, especially if they are offensive. Your shoppers and tenants will not want to be confronted with offensive messages or imagery while trying to enjoy themselves. Anti-graffiti coatings can be applied to glass and building surfaces; these will  prevent costly graffiti removal in the future.

9. Touch Up Paint When Required

Busy shopping centers require regular paint touch-ups. Scuff marks accumulate on interiors and exteriors, and it’s important to tend to them to keep your property neat and clean. Parking spaces or paint on cement will also require touch-ups due to traffic, sun exposure, and general wear. Keeping on top of touch-ups can save you from larger-scale (and more expensive) painting projects later on. 

10. Use Eco-Friendly Products

When contracting cleaning services for any part of your commercial shopping center, always request the use of eco-friendly products. Typically, these products provide a healthier interior environment for your tenants and shoppers. Eco-friendly products can offer a competitive advantage to prospective tenants who are concerned about the cleaning products used in your commercial shopping center, and in their potential place of business.

The Value of Good Maintenance

Put yourself in the shoes of customers. No one wants to spend money or time in an establishment that appears poorly maintained. Regular maintenance should be included in the overhead cost of any commercial shopping center. Good maintenance is a good business practice, and one that is a benefit to all:

  • Great tenants attract a steady customer base
  • Customers enjoy spending more time in a place that feels safe and clean
  • Happy customers are likely to visit multiple stores

Maintenance is the investment that pays for itself over time, resulting in property that will maintain or – more likely — increase in value.  For all these reasons, it’s well worth your time and expense.

Contact our service department if you need support for repairs or preventative maintenance of any glass or glazing elements in your commercial shopping center.