Protect Your Business and People During the COVID-19 Crisis

Essential Protective Services for the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed all of our lives for the foreseeable future. Giroux Glass functions in what is currently considered an “essential” industry, and is continuing to operate with caution, following the very strict protocols set forth by the CDC and OSHA, in all of our company locations.

While most other industries’ operations have slowed down considerably, the unique set of circumstances generated by the coronavirus — fewer business activities, calls for social distancing, more employees working from home — actually make for an ideal time to provide a host of essential services for right now. Whether your business requires preventative and protective services, or you recognize that now is a good opportunity to take care of regular maintenance, we can provide the service you need:

Preventative Security Board-Ups

Businesses that are temporarily closed — especially retail storefronts, hotels, and ground-floor offices — can benefit from emergency board-ups. Our team will quickly and efficiently install plywood panels to protect window glass and obscure the contents of your space, deterring vandalism, burglary and looting.

Social Distancing Partitions

If your business is continuing to operate on-site throughout the pandemic, you may want to consider having glass partitions installed to enforce social distancing, reduce the spread of germs, and enhance your employees’ comfort and safety during this time. Glass partitions can be erected at reception counters, between individual desks, and at any office entryway that connects to a shared/open work space, serving to keep colleagues contained within their own safe airspace.

Hands-Free Door Devices

Another system that can reduce the transfer of germs in your workplace is the installation of hands-free door devices. These include motion sensors that prompt doors to open automatically, or push bars, which allow individuals to open doors with the sides of their bodies, eliminating hand contact. Since the coronavirus is often transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces, removing sites of communal hand-touching is a hugely effective preventative measure for a business to take. Giroux Glass is experienced with the installation of all types of doors, and can quickly and efficiently change out your current entry systems.

An Ideal Opportunity for Maintenance

At this time, workplaces are generally less populated and quieter than usual, with large numbers of employees working from home or staggering their office hours to avoid contact. This provides an optimal environment to complete maintenance projects, since there is less traffic for our team to work around, and fewer employees to be disturbed. And with fewer people in the office, businesses can enlist our crew during normal working hours, avoiding the overtime labor costs incurred on nights and weekends, when these types of projects would typically take place.

If you’re interested in implementing any of the COVID-19-protective measures described above, or simply want to use this uniquely quiet time to attend to longstanding maintenance needs, give us a call or fill out this form here.

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