The Cross at Olvera Street

April 15 – A quiet moment between Archbishop Gomez and Jackie Hadnot, who carved the beautiful new cross at the entrance to Olvera Street, Los Angeles.
Giroux Glass project manager, Carlos Gomez with Jackie Hadnot, carpenter and Trulite employee!

It’s amazing the things you can learn about a person, once you take the time to get to know them, isn’t it?

I had met Jackie Hadnot, our local Trulite delivery driver, back in 2006 when his route covered Beverly Hills, an area in which our High-End Design department does a lot of work. I don’t see Jackie as often now, but when we do cross paths, we make small talk about his passion for wood carving.

On Wednesday, our company town hall meeting had just adjourned when Jackie happened to be waiting outside. He was very anxious to share his most recent accomplishment with me.

Not only is Jackie a talented Trulite employee, but he is also an incredibly gifted carpenter, and has been featured on various television outlets (including Huell Howser’s California Gold) and completed works for the City of Los Angeles, the Pacific Electric Railway Historical Society, and most recently, the El Pueblo Park Association of Los Angeles (EPPALA).

Jackie was commissioned by the EPPALA to replicate a holy cross originating from Spain, to replace the old, weather-worn cross in the center of historic Olvera Street–the earliest beginnings and dwellings of Los Angeles. The intricate detail and workmanship of the new cross earned Jackie  a personal blessing from Archbishop Jose Gomez on its unveiling day at El Pueblo de Los Angeles (Olvera Street), on April 15, 2017. The cross has been a landmark of that area since its opening in 1930.

I found myself inspired by this man’s story and his unique connection to Los Angeles–I had to share it with you, too!

Giroux Glass highly values the creativity and artistry of its team, vendors, and clients alike, which is partially what makes it such a fun place in which to work. Do you have a similar personal story to share, perhaps about one of our Giroux Glass partners? Send it to: [email protected]