New Nordstrom, with Glass by Giroux


We’re very proud of the work we did at the Del Amo Fashion Center (Torrance, California), in which 200,000 square feet of tired 1960s-era retail space on one floor was replaced with 400,000 square feet in two stories, on the brand new 138,000-square-foot Nordstrom store. The Nordstrom space includes not only the usual upscale retail use, but also a sleek modern café restaurant, “Bazille,” complete with a visible chef and kitchen-view area, an outside patio and e-bar.

  • Curtain wall, structural glass walls and storefronts (supplied by Arcadia)
  • Storefront doors (provided by Arcadia)
  • Signage
  • Sunshades (provided by AGS)
  • Draft Screens and Handrails (supplied by CRL)
  • Glass (provided by Trulite)
  • Exterior glass store windows and 3-way mirrors in dressing rooms (manufactured by Glasswerks)
  • Cladding on handrails (supplied by Lindblade)
  • Custom engraved handles on exterior doors by Rockwood

Single panes of Pulp Studios glass measured 84” x 120”, and feature laminated stripe patterns. All exterior glass is low-iron, to ensure crystal clarity. The custom door handles are made of raw beechwood, and were engraved with opening instructions. Giroux also installed the smokestop above the escalators, which help to prevent smoke from traveling to upper floors. The ceiling is lined with lockable operable windows, made operable only for the reason of greater access for easier cleaning.  Although they represented a higher cost to purchase, the greater accessibility reimburses the cost difference (for cleaning) within a few years. Check out the store, and see for yourself what a beautiful environment’s been created – for window shopping, people watching or for eating.





by Bruce Johnson, Project Manager at Giroux Glass, Inc.

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