LA Company Picnic 2018: Don Knabe Park

This is only my third week here at Giroux Glass – and my first blog post, (of many, I hope!) – but since my first day, I have sensed the  family culture of this company. Everyone has been incredibly nice and welcoming, which led to my excitement for the upcoming company employee events which are typically organized by Giroux’s “Culture Committee,” the team of partners who plan all of our fun employee events.  These events include monthly birthday celebrations, pot luck lunches for pretty much every calendar holiday, and our (biggest) end of year holiday party.

Summer picnics are held for all employees, office staff and field crews alike, and are held in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  I attended my first picnic this Sunday and I had a blast!  When I interviewed at Giroux, one of the topics that came up repeatedly was Giroux’s core values, which, not coincidentally, spell out “G-I-R-O-U-X:” Growth, Integrity, Respect, Ownership, Unity, and eXcellence. This weekend I really got a feel for the “Unity.” I felt right at home and enjoyed good food, great company, and fun games and had a chance to win some wonderful raffle prizes.  This year’s summer picnic for the Los Angeles and San Bernardino teams was held at a really pretty location, the Don Knabe Community Regional Park, in Cerritos.  That, too, was another first for me, as I had never been to that park or even that part of the city.


A round robin of Giroux Glass volleyball teams compete against on another
Giroux partners relax in the shade while watching their co-workers battle it out on the volleyball court

With all the fun, games and beautiful scenery, the highlight of the event for me was meeting the former owner and current chairman, Anne-Merelie Murrell.  Knowing Giroux’s history, and learning about the company’s transition into employee ownership, meeting her was a true honor.  As one of the youngest employees at Giroux, meeting the woman who initially purchased and headed the company really put everything in perspective for me.  As I took a look around the park; hearing all the laughter and joy around me, really gave me a sense of what Giroux is all about — and what it means to be a part of an employee-owned company. To witness Anne-Merelie’s legacy live on through all of these wonderful people, and now through me, was truly inspirational.

I look forward to attending more company events and I am proud to now be a part of the family.

Bird’s Eye View of our Giroux Glass LA Company Picnic 2018 courtesy of Sam Foulk.


Our VP of Operations, Bob Linford and PM Abdul Zoua enjoying the Giroux picnic
Our PM, Rami Shinnawi, prepares to fly a kite at the Giroux Glass picnic