Honoring Our Veterans

Veterens Day Giroux Glass

Every year, we at Giroux Glass celebrate Veterans Day to honor the members of the United States Armed Forces who have fought and continue to fight for the freedom of our country. The holiday holds special significance for our company, as we’re proud to count a number of veterans among our team members, Our veteran partners represent many different service branches, and bring their military discipline, perseverance, and precision to their current positions every day, a truth echoed in the statements of Army veteran and Giroux Junior Project Manager, Tremain Roseman:

“Only one percent of the country has served in the United States Armed Forces. When you compare that to the population of this country, that speaks volumes to the courage it takes to step out of your comfort zone and take on something that challenges you on a physical, mental and spiritual level. In the long run, this produces highly motivated individuals who, after returning to civilian life, are able to contribute  further motivation and hard work to already motivated and hardworking teams.”

While any day is a great day to thank a veteran, November 11th gives us a purposeful opportunity to extend our gratitude to those among our Giroux family who have served. Director of Nevada Operations and former Chief Petty Officer for the U.S. Navy, Greg Wright shares his sentiments on the holiday:

“As a veteran of three foreign wars, Veterans Day reminds me of the sacrifices many like me have made to ensure we continue to live in a free and democratic society. It is a special holiday, but we must also support and give thanks to our veterans every day, not just once a year. They are the true heroes in my heart.” 

To our soldiers past and present, today and always, we owe you our thanks, our safety, and our freedom.

A special thanks to our Giroux Glass veterans: 

James Bramlett
United States Air Force
Giroux Glass Estimator

Ralph Deligio
United States Navy 
Giroux Glass Project Manager

Chris Duren
United States Marine Corps
Giroux Glass Glazier

Shawn Kasprzyk
United States Marine Corps
Giroux Glass Glazier

Bob Linford
United States Marine Corps
Giroux Glass Director of California Operations

Robert Perez: 
Sergeant, United States Marine Corps
Giroux Glass Glazier

Tremain Roseman
United States Army
Giroux Glass Junior Project Manager

AHBC Gregory Wright
USN/USNR, Retired Chief Petty Officer E-7
Giroux Glass Director of Nevada Operations