The Continual Pursuit for New Glass and Glazing Technologies

Giroux Glass has taken an active approach through business development in the endless pursuit for advancements and evolution in innovative glass and related technologies across various sectors of the glazing industry, with the primary focus surrounding the all-encompassing, never ending topic and initiative of sustainable building.  While this is a practice shared by many organizations (or at least it should be), the driving constant is how to generate business and/or more explicitly, how to generate revenue and associated profitability.

There are many glass verticals out there to get excited about – many of which have been researched, analyzed, and contacted by Giroux business development, in order to stay on the forefront of innovative technologies: electrochromatic, BIPV (building integrated photo voltaic), skylights, LED, panels, PVB (poly vinyl butyral), composites and transparent materials, to name just a few.  One would think the amount of projects and opportunities available incorporating such amazing technologies would be endless, considering the energy efficiency and sustainability leadership and directives initiated by various governing bodies globally; see here (US,, here (CA specific,, and here (EU,

However, such technologies come with a price tag that often gives owners and developers sticker shock.  To soften the blow, and in hopes of garnering increased interest, most of these organizations provide modeling and deduct options to either offset the cost, or make such products more feasible to incorporate in project design; not to mention the future ROI and increased productivity that could be considered priceless by increasing daylight openings for a more enjoyable working experience.

Back to the initial question on profitability, well, that comes back to everyone reading this post . . . and in readers’ interest in learning more about the innovations, and desire to partner with Giroux Glass-a glass company that is experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative with an impeccable industry-leading safety record.  Back when the company was started in 1946, being on “the cutting edge” meant something very different.

by Jerod Allen, Vice President of Business Development at Giroux Glass, Inc.

Jerod has been a vital member of Giroux Glass’ executive team since 2014. He welcomes your feedback, which can be emailed directly to [email protected].