September 26, 2016

The Role of Adaptive Facades

Energy regulations in the construction industry are getting harsher, restricting the amount of glass that we can install in a façade. Now, the question moving forward is, “How can we continue to make and improve upon an adaptive façade, especially when such types include adaptive frames and glass that is both active and passive?” I had the opportunity to grapple with this and other concepts with peers at the GlassCon Global conference in Boston, MA. There, industry representatives took a deep dive into discussion on how to further the development of the glass and glazing industry, especially through global innovations in glass [...]
June 4, 2015

The Continual Pursuit for New Glass and Glazing Technologies

Giroux Glass has taken an active approach through business development in the endless pursuit for advancements and evolution in innovative glass and related technologies across various sectors of the glazing industry, with the primary focus surrounding the all-encompassing, never ending topic and initiative of sustainable building.  While this is a practice shared by many organizations (or at least it should be), the driving constant is how to generate business and/or more explicitly, how to generate revenue and associated profitability. There are many glass verticals out there to get excited about – many of which have been researched, analyzed, and contacted by [...]